How To Pick An Investment Manager

The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs are continually thinking about the future. Developing a strong and compelling vision, which includes all their ambitions for growth and evolution, is for them an ongoing obsession. The facilitation of such growth very often requires investment, and it is therefore essential for business owners to think carefully about possible sources of investment and how these sources can be tapped, as well as the investment opportunities available to them.

If you find yourself faced with considerations like this, getting advice from a capable and trusted investment manager can be invaluable.

What is an Investment Manager?

The world of finance is a complex one. Even in the relatively straightforward area of personal finance, people are increasingly turning to full-time professional specialists to help them manage their financial interests and make sure they get the most out of them while reducing risks. In the world of business, this level of complexity multiplies as a company builds on its successes and continues to grow.

In such scenarios, business owners often turn to financial advisers such as investment managers for the same reason that an individual might do so regarding his or herown financial matters. In simplest terms, an investment manager will:

  • Review your current situation, highlighting areas for improvement and potential risks
  • Provide advice on how to build on these improvements and reduce risks
  • Work with you to build an investment portfolio, then monitor your investments and provide regular advice on how to ensure they provide the best possible return

Choosing the Right Investment Manager

There are a number of crucial factors to consider here, including:

  • Price-The services offered by a good investment manager should, in the longterm, easily cover any upfront costs. It is still important to be clear on what these upfront costs are. Make sure you ask for absolute transparency on all costs, including any hidden expenses, so that you can be confident they are in your price range.
  • Service – With a range of services on offer, it helps to do a bit of research beforehand to be clear on what support you need exactly. Some firms offer generalist guidance, while others specialize in a particular field. One example of such an organization is the Delphi Financial Group, led by CEO Robert Rosenkranz, a niche company working in the insurance sector that are recognized as experts in this very specialist area.
  • Credentials and integrity-This is a heavily regulated profession, and all good investment managers will be able to share with you any academic qualifications and membership of professional bodies to demonstrate their credibility and expertise. You can also run background checks and source testimonials from previous clients to confirm your impressions.

Future Success

The relationship between a business owner and aninvestment manager has the potential to be so much more than a simple business partnership. If the right individual or organization is chosen, it can be a hugely beneficial relationship in which the investment manager becomes more than simply a source of advice, guidance and support. The investment manager canactually become an invaluable ingredient in the ongoing success of your company, and yourself.

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