The “Joys” of Building a New Home

If you have ever built a home from scratch, you know that dreams can quickly turn into nightmares in a hurry. Even the best-laid plans can blow up in your face. For those of you considering building a new home in your future, give careful consideration to what you are getting yourself into.

At the Mercy of the Contractor

Everyone usually hires a head contractor to handle all of the subcontractors during the house build. Even if your head contractor seems like the most honest man on earth, don’t trust him for a second. By placing him in charge of everyone else, he will be adding an additional percentage to their final bill for himself. Even if he has only spoken to the subcontractor once during the whole house build, you can be certain he will be adding ten percent to their cost so he gets paid even extra on top of his fees. If your house build is costing $200,000, then be prepared to get sheistered as approximately $20,000 of it will go in your head contractors pocket on top of his normal fees. Hire these subcontractors yourself and save the money.

What Was the Price Again?

Be prepared as the home-building process goes on that there will be hidden fees showing up everywhere. Those jobs that were estimated to be completed in a week and only costing you $10,000 is now a three-week job and costing you $20,000. You can’t trust contractors and subcontractors. They act like they are playing with Monopoly money but it is coming from your bank account. When hiring trade workers, put a timeline in their contract and if they do not meet it, their pay is reduced by five percent every extra day it is taking them. If you don’t do this, they will be showing up late and leaving early every day if they show up at all.

Don’t Forget the Landscaping

Before all the work is finished on your house, you should contact a landscaper otherwise your house will just be sitting on a huge pile of dirt. It takes time to grow grass and having a lawn full of mud can make even the best house look horrible. Save some time and worry and solicit an expert in landscaping in Montreal and they will guide you through the process.

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