Knowing Which Model Of Twin Auger Juicer To Go For

Knowing Which Model Of Twin Auger Juicer To Go For

Of course, when considering to buy a juicer for the first time or upgrading the one you already have, one of the first questions that cross your mind is ‘what kind of juicer should I go for?’ The truth is that there are an increasing number of juicer types in the market, but the dual gear juicers are seen as a family that everyone likes. This might be because they produce more juice that is considered to be highly nutritious and made with utmost convenience. The process of juicing is done quietly, compared to other models that are noisy. However, they can be used on other food items apart from fresh vegetables and fruits such as leafy greens, sprouts, ginger, and others. Moreover, it is still recommended to see reviews of top rated juicers before making a particular choice for your home.

Knowing Which Model Of Twin Auger Juicer To Go For

Some Advantages of Selecting a Triturating Juicer for Your Home

Triturating juicers offer some certain benefits that one cannot get from other juicer types. Let’s take a look at some of such advantages.

  • The shelf life of the triturating juicers is longer when compared to most conventional juicing devices present in the market.
  • One can be sure to get juice with higher content of nutrients from a triturating juicer because of its slow oxidation operation.
  • The two auger juicers are versatile, which makes it possible to use them for processing not only fruits and vegetables. They can be used also for barley grass, alfalfa sprouts, ginger, and many other products. What more could one wish for in a juicer?
  • More juice is produced because the twin gears operate in a way so they thoroughly squeeze all the juice from produce and leave behind very dry pulp.
  • You can be sure not to disturb anyone at home or even your next-door neighbors by the noise of your juicer every morning. The twin gear juicers are known for their quiet operation.

Review Of One Of The Best Dual Auger Juicing Devices

After getting more information about the features and advantages that can be derived from using a dual auger juicing device, the apparent task that stands in your way is selecting a particular model that will suit your needs. For this reason, we will have a quick review of one of the best two gear juicers of the year.


It isn’t as easy as it might seem to select a juicer of moderate size, which is capable of handling the quantity of juice that a whole family could consume. Well, it should be no problem if you don’t mind getting a very big juicer that will take all the space on your kitchen cabinet. With the Omega TWN30S, you can extract juice in a quantity that will be sufficient for everyone in the house in one serving. This is achieved because it extracts more nutrients enriched juice by squeezing the entered produce and giving out very dry pulp. This model is multifunctional and easy to operate. Cleaning it after use does not pose much of a problem and you don’t need to worry much about maintenance because it comes with a reasonable warranty period.

However, some users see the price as a problem. Some see it as saving money in the long run, which is better than throwing cash into the waste-bin in form of a poorly extracted pulp.

Once you can make a list of what you need from a juicer, see that the model you choose can perform all that is on your list. This way, you can be sure to get a product that is worth every penny spent.

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