Naperville Youth Addiction Service Hit By Budget Cut and The Damaging Effects That This Has Has Had

Naperville Youth Addiction Service Hit By Budget Cut and the Damaging Effects that This has Has Had

Youth Drug and Alcohol Addiction: A Traumatic and Very Real Crisis and Epidemic in the United States Today.

Naperville is not the only place in the nation that has been struggling immensely with drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse.  This has been an issue that has only gotten worse and worse in other areas and in other places too since the turn of the century.  In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (, the problem is at its worst today with the youth and teen population age range of the United States. The state of Illinois needs to put an end to this drug problem therefore need to have a drug rehab Naperville regardless of the budget cuts otherwise, the youth will stay addicted. For example:

  • There are certainly no doubts in anyone’s mind that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the United States is increasing. But who is it increasing with? Studies now show that youths and middle-class and upper middle-class Americans are the ones most affected. This is concerning because these demographics have not been very much affected in the past, so the effect that addiction is having on them is far worse because they are not used to it.
  • Studies show that there are approximately no less than twenty-three million Americans who are heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol in the United States. Next to only prescription drugs, this is easily the fastest growing drug problem in the entire nation. The fact and truth of this has only been exacerbated by increases in the numbers of youth addicts who have been dying as a result of these substance abuse habits. Just last year, more than six thousand youths between the ages of twelve and twenty-five died from heroin use and abuse.

What Budget Cuts and Less Help for Teens and Youths Addicted Means for Naperville

Sadly, the budget cuts and the damage that this has done to the youths of Naperville who are addicted is severe and traumatic to say the least.  This is an issue that is not going to get any better unless those who are addicted have some help and some assistance from the powers that be and from those who would actually reach out a helping hand to these youngsters who are sadly addicted to drugs and alcohol.  The fact of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction has never actually been worse for this demographic, and it worsens more still every single day.  In the end it will up the many residents and parents of Naperville to insist that more money be spent on those who need it the most, like young adults who are addicted.  This way they would be able to join a drug rehab Chicago Illinois program without worrying about the fees, but it definitely makes it a struggle to join when there are budget cuts in Naperville.

Local social services, particularly those that help teens out with getting into rehab for drug and alcohol addiction and dependence, supported by Naperville Township have been cut by $20,000 after the township highway commissioner rescinded a long-standing agreement to take more than half of his pay, about $57,000, from the road district budget instead.

It is more than important to help the youth of Naperville who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  If the teens who are so addicted can actually get the help that they need then it is possible that this drug and alcohol addiction problem in Naperville can finally begin to go down or at least recede in some way. Plans to send more funding to a drug rehabilitation Naperville center that will support the recovery of young adults are good plans indeed.

These goals should be pursued by all the Naperville, not just those who have a family member or loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. In fact, this needs to be looked at as one of the biggest health and humanitarian issues of the city as the youths who are addicted are realistically the future of the city. Other cities have changed their drug problem for the better time and time again in the past. Naperville is no different. The city can take charge over its drug problem and change it for the better starting now.

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