5 Awesome Software To Increase Call Center Efficiency

5 Awesome Software To Increase Call Center Efficiency

Whether you’ve an outbound call center or inbound, you need to focus on its productivity and efficiency. The efficiency and productivity of the call centers not only depends on skilled professionals but also depends on the type of technology they are using in order to gain better results. Though there are a variety of software in the market that you can get to increase the working efficiency of your employees and eliminate the downtime, choose one that works best with the type of work conducted in your call center such as inbound or outbound. Most reputed B2B call centers dealing with outbound processes have predictive dialer software to get the peak efficiency of employees. On the other hand, some make use of call center monitoring, call accounting, and call tracking software. In this post, we discuss five awesome software to increase call center efficiency.

5 Awesome Software To Increase Call Center Efficiency   

1. GOautodial

GOautodial is one of the best software that can handle inbound, outbound, and blended calls altogether. The features of GOautodial includes some unique features such as GOadmin which helps in administrative set-up and GOreports that helps in building reports.  It not only offers call recording capabilities to comply with call rules in US, UK but also supports and performs survey checks. It not only helps you to track the calls but also allows to record everything related to client as well as the customer’s side.

2. OSDial

OSDial is the most used software in call centers which make use of latest technologies that includes user-interface and cuts down the clutter in order to save the agent’s time. By using this software, up to ten agents can make calls at a single point of time. This is one of the best features of this software which isn’t available in any other software for call centers.  It gives you options to dial extensions, transfer calls or make external calls which again is in control of administrator.

3. CrazyCall

CrazyCall is used generally by B2B call centers as it offers a variety of features that include the ability to automatically route calls to particular agents based on the pre-planned criteria. It also gives spare time in between the calls that has to be transferred to the agents in order to take notes and get ready for the next call. This feature is also known as power dialing. It can be used on cloud instead of downloading and installing. Another feature includes the tracking of customers, recoding of calls and chats. If you want to try it once, you can download it’s free trial version to check whether it goes well with the processes you deal.

4. Pamela

Pamela was introduced in 2005 in the market as a certified Skype add-on. By using this software, one can record all the Skype calls as well as chats. Pamela has some additional features such as it can play audio files during calls, transfer the call to any other group, allow user to take notes during the call and many other similar features. The basic version of Pamela is free, therefore it depends on you whether you want to try a free version or paid.

5. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a call center monitoring software which is entirely cloud-based. Bitrix24 is available free-trail version. This software has several unique features including intranet and customizable web-based lead forms. All these qualities make the interface overwhelming and daunting to learn and understand. The software is paid if you use outbound processes whereas inbound processes are free of cost.

The Bottom Line

There are several other software available on market,it’s advisable to choose one that is suitable for your business and works well with the processes you deal.Many of them also offer you free versions with open source options such as automatic call distributor(ACD),interactive voice response(IVR).and computer telephony intergration(CTI).Go through the software mentioned in this post to get an ides the kind of technology you want to use in your call centers.Moreover,it also depends on the processes that you take up such as inbound,outbound or both,This post tells you about the latest software trends going in the market which will help you to make an informed decision.

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