What You Should Know About Moving To Toronto

Considering a move to Toronto then there are some things you might like to know about the city and the many Toronto moving companies. Whether you presently live in a smaller city another part of the country or the world doing some research before makes good sense. Long considered to be one of the greatest cities in the world and not just by locals here are just a few reasons why.

It’s a City of Neighborhoods

Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Portugal, The Village, Koreatown, The Entertainment District indicate the multicultural makeup of this city. Each neighborhood has it’s own unique culture with shops and restaurants that keep their individual traditions alive giving the city an international feel. Exploring  these diverse neighborhoods is like a trip around the world without ever leaving home.

Great Ethnic Cuisine

Along with so many different cultures is the chance to sample dishes from around the world. You may find the person preparing your dish brought the recipe with them from that country.

Toronto is a Safe Place to Live

Big cities usually have the crime rates that go with larger populations. The lack of violence or petty crime are a few reasons it’s considered to be a very liveable city. Like all big cities there are areas you may not want to venture into.

Easy to get Around

A clean, safe transit system that efficiently gets you around the city might just have you selling your car. Parking that’s expensive as well as scarce along with the savings in gas and insurance may just have you choosing public transit instead.

Reasonable Rents

Pricey homes make home ownership out of reach for most but rents are surprisingly quite affordable. Compared with other large cities like New York, San Francisco or Vancouver rents make this a great city to live in with lots of perks.

Changing Seasons

For those who enjoy the leaves changing color or snowflakes falling in other words four seasons then you’ll love Toronto. Summers can be very humid and the winters do get pretty cold compared to some places.

If you ever get lost just look up

The CN tower is a very visible landmark and helpful in getting your bearings. It lets you know  which side of the city you’re on and how close you are to the downtown area.

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