Here’s How You Make The Most Of Your Front Garden

Here's How You Make The Most Of Your Front Garden

Having a front garden is something many homeowners take for granted. Often, we move into a new home and barely make any changes to the front garden and surround areas to make the pre-existing space our own.

Why not take a minute out of your busy life to look closely at your front garden and the main entrance of your home to make it the best possible living space?

Here are the tips you need to keep in mind the next time you want to make your house a place you are proud to call your home.

Tidy Up

Your front garden makes the first impression of your home, so make sure it’s in the best shape possible. Landscaping is a necessity you can’t afford to skip on if you are serious about taking care of your space.

The lawn needs to be mowed every few weeks, depending on the time of year. Check your lawn to see if there are weeds in the grass that need to be removed. If you are dealing with yellowing grass, consider adding some fertilizer or other health-inducing products and check to see that you are watering it enough.

If you have any hedges growing in your garden, make sure they are not looking overgrown either. Your local nursery can be the best place to find affordable products that can add to your garden’s health, so don’t forget to check there. If you have a large lawn and don’t have time to regularly mow it, consider hiring a gardener to tend to things at regular intervals.

Plant Some Trees

A great way to add plenty of character to the front garden is to plant several trees in this space. Although most trees do take plenty of time to grow to full size, several fast-growing varieties can also be found in your local nursery. This is also an opportunity to grow a few fruit trees which you can enjoy over time.

Planting trees is a great way of adding some shade to your garden, and if you have pets that love running around in the front yard, they will be grateful for the respite from the sun. Trees also help save money on utility bills as the shade cools your house during the warmer months.

Along with trees, also focus on planting flower beds. Remember that it is always easier to plant structured beds instead of planting in a way that lets flowers grow everywhere. It will only look messy and take care of the flower beds will soon become a nightmare. Structured flower beds will allow you to easily plant different flowers as the seasons change. Aim to have a healthy balance between annual and perennial plants.

Check the Gate

Don’t forget about your front gate. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the front gate is the window to your home! If you gate is broken and dragging in any place, get it checked immediately. A reputed professional who specializes in gate repair in Victorville says that this is a step you simply cannot skip. Having a gate that fits in with the other gates on your street is a good idea, unless you deliberately want to stand out.

Get dragging gates checked, and have the holes that have developed anywhere fixed, and if the paint is chipping, consider applying a new coat.

On the Right Path

There is nothing worse than approaching a house and having to walk across some dirt to approach the front door. If you garden is in great shape, but your driveway looks disgruntled, it will distract from your well-tended garden as well.

Make a great first impression on visitors by installing a lovely paved approach towards the front door. You can use bricks or a few larger stones, which can be used as stepping stones. This will also prevent people walking across your garden to approach the front door, if that is something you want to do. You can also plant small shrubs or flowers on either sides of the pathway to give it extra character.

Light It Up

Imagine entering a garden that is in complete darkness and trying to figure out the way to the front entrance. Imagine if it’s raining at the same time and you don’t have an umbrella. Sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it? To avoid situation like these, make sure you install proper lighting in your garden to guide visitors easily.

Use the trees in your garden to install accent lighting, or place smaller bulbs on the way to the front door, lighting up the pathway. Make sure to use the correct wattage because outdoor lighting can’t function properly with dim bulbs. Having a small light in front of your front door is a necessity as well.

Solar lighting can be great to light up you front garden and help the environment. Although the short-term cost might be higher than a store-bought bulb, in the long-term you will save on your utility bills.

As with any room in your house, correct lighting can transform your front garden and strategically placed lights can make smaller gardens look much bigger.

You’ve Got Mail

Even before someone enters your front garden, chances are, they’ve just walked past your mailbox and made a mental note about its condition. Make sure you have a functioning mailbox which is not on its last legs. It doesn’t matter if you pick a modern or an antique mailbox, as long as it’s easily accessible and not broken.


A front garden is a wonderful addition to any home and must not be taken for granted. Make the most of this additional space with a bit of foresight and planning. Use these tips to make sure your front garden, gate, plants, mailbox, lighting and other aspects are in perfect harmony to make an inviting visage for your home.

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