Top 10 Designs that Look Great on Nails

cool nail design

Fashion is something that is here to stay. Apart from clothes, having your hair done and carrying out skin care routines, the nails are the next in line. To achieve that fashion look that you desire, it is essential that you include specific designs that are artistic in nature to match. Nail designs continue to increase and the innovation that is creeping into that area is simply disarming and intriguing. More tricks and nail brands including nail polish are being developed and introduced into the market with each passing day. It is therefore fundamental to know some of the top designs that are hitting the beauty parlors. Here are the most talked about and the top 10 rated nail designs.

1. Radiant

Glitter with an addition of smooth and sleek appearance is what is currently trending. Matching any type of skin from dark to white, the design is something to look forward to having. The radiant has a pearl like appearance and the design comes with a shimmer when hit by light, in this case sunrays, it shines. The design is aimed at ensuring you look and feel elegant in any event, occasion, day or date night.

2. Mirror

Silver shines in a mirroring way and the design has become an art to be emulated by many. The appearance of this specific design is metallic in nature, simplified yet dramatic to an extent. The design calls for attention all on its own. To achieve the mirror appearance, ensure you coat the polish with clear polish at the very end. It ensures that the design will shine all through.

3. Oil Spill

Are you a colorful person and enjoy wearing colors and matching them to your environment? The oil spill is then the perfect nail design ideas for your nails. Mimicking the appearance of an oil spillage in a pool of water, the oil spill brings out all the colors in the world in your eyes. It brings out all the shades in a naturals and exciting way.

4. Ballerina

Ballerina offers two distinct nail designs to encompass that large crowd of people interested in them. If looking for an attention grabbing, unique and yet cool nail design, then the long ballerina is your choice. If looking for a subtle yet bold look that brings out your fashion and personality to the open, then the short ballerina nails designs would be perfect.

5. Metallic

Bold and better with each day. Metallic nail design is perfect for a street look and can also be worn if aiming for a dramatic color pattern. The design indicates boldness and subtlety is ignored in this specific case and furthermore, they come in different shades and colors.

6. Green

Green is a color that simplifies harmony with ones surroundings. The green nail designs are simple, match any color and environment and can be used for any event from showing elegance and sophistication to indicating a person’s simplicity and humble nature. In addition, they are adorned with unique and simplified designs that make them designs to die for.

7. Jewels

Not interested in making the news or being the center of attention, then a jewel finish is what you should be looking into. Shimmer produced by jewel finish is subtle, simple and down to earth. Apart from looking fashionable, your nails will also be taken care off in a way that does not call people’s attention.

8. Patterned

Patterns have been used for the longest period and their popularity and innovation continues to grow. The design varies from patterned fingertips to the whole nail, and to writings such as words on the nails. You can also use different inspirational themes to come up with the perfect pattern such as colors, waves and your whole surrounding to make a trend of your own.

9. Nude

This is among the most popular nail design ideas. It involves applying or using colorless polish to energize or bolden your natural look. The nail design is perfect if looking for a natural out of the way look. In addition, it perfectly fits any gallery, event, occasion or fashion.

10. Twist

This design is perfect if looking for simplicity and sophistication at the same time. The designs are unique and include patterns that can be termed as a bit dramatic and elegant.


With nail art being a growing industry, nail design tips are becoming popular and their general essentiality can now be seen clearly. The above designs are just a few, many more are out there and therefore, do not let your imagination be limited. Use a unique, dramatic, elegant and sophisticated nail design and soon it will be trending.

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