How To Build An Illustrious Career In The Field Of Geotechnical Engineering?

People who are in the construction industry know that creating a new infrastructure projects involves more than selecting a suitable site, laying the necessary foundation and building the walls. Companies who carry out their business activities in this sector of the economy employ geotechnical engineers to make sure the ground on which such structures will eventually stand are solid. Moreover, they should be able to withstand various natural calamities like earthquakes and landslides. The experts who specialize in this field of civil engineering need to have certain qualifications and skill sets in order make their mark in this occupation. This is long way in helping them to stand out among the crowd in this profession.

Reddy Kancharla is a prominent civil engineer. He has 25 years of valuable experience in the fields of civil construction and geotechnical consultation. This master’s degree holder from Texas Tech University in Lubbock is also one of the sought-after experts in the area of construction quality assurance and control.  He is the brainchild behind the designing and construction of the foundations for various infrastructure projects. He is also responsible for identifying, examining and correcting construction discrepancies in various buildings. He goes out to ensure the proper compliance of various quality assurance processes in the field of construction including the implementation of ISO standards.


He says aspirants who want to make their mark in this professional need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of civil engineering and have a thorough knowledge of geology. However, they should note that most corporate enterprises that carry out their operations in this sector prefer to hire candidates with post-graduate or doctorate degrees in geotechnical engineering. Many engineering schools offer such courses to students who want to specialize while studying for their civil engineering degrees.

Job description and responsibilities

He goes on to explain that as geotechnical engineers, the aspirants working with other professionals in the field of architecture and civil engineering in construction companies that hire them. They will help these experts to assess whether the ground on which they propose to build the structure is strong enough to withstand the load and resistant to earthquakes. They also lend a helping hand the architects in designing the land grades and slopes of the surrounding areas. These engineers have to study, analyze and evaluate how the present buildings are affecting the soil structure, rock formation and other geothermal activity. They are also responsible for designing critical structures like tunnels, walls and terraces.

Reddy Kancharla further explains that aspirants who take up geotechnical engineering as a career get the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world. Their employers usually consist of construction companies, governmental organizations, laboratories carrying out research activities and engineering consultancy agencies. They also have the choice of entering the field of academics and teaching this engineering subject to future students. In many cases, they may have to traveling to various construction sites to inspect buildings and spending most of their time in the field analyzing the soil structure.

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