Want Protection For Your iPhone 6s? Find It In A 3M Vinyl Skin

You paid a lot to get your iPhone 6s. When it comes with its iOS, display, processor, and 3D Touch, you can handle that price tag. But if you were to accidentally damage your iPhone, it’s hard to bear that total knowing your smartphone is no longer in mint condition. Or maybe you accidentally drop your 6s and the infamously fragile screen cracks and you need to replace the whole thing. After the initial cost of the phone, the price of repairs or a new iPhone all together can be out of your reach. If you don’t want to see you money wasted, it’s important that you should protect your 6s. Keep your iPhone safe and all of its data protected by outfitting it in a 3M vinyl skin.

Want Protection For Your iPhone 6s? Find It In A 3M Vinyl Skin

Chances are you’ve already had a near miss with your 6s. A mishap seems inevitable considering where and how often you use it. It’s your personal assistant, personal trainer, entertainment system, and the only way to connect with your friends and family. It goes on the bus with you, on a hike through the trails, and on any other excursion you might take. In the snow, the rain, and the sunshine, it’s by your side, which means your 6s is vulnerable to a lot of dangers that could damage it.

An iPhone 6s skin will make sure your smartphone is protected wherever you go. Though it is thin and incredibly lightweight, 3M vinyl is a notoriously hearty and resilient material. It can prevent sharp edges, rough surfaces, and unlucky circumstances from taking gouges, nicks, and scratches out of your phone. The vinyl is impervious to water, so liquids bead up against it surface until you wipe it off. No more will a spilled drink or excess rain seep into crevices and cause internal glitches, which isn’t covered by your warranty. The same thing that makes it waterproof is what makes it so easy to grip, so your palms and fingers have a better chance of holding an infamously slippery phone.

Now you’ve seen other iPhone 6s users mistakenly protect their phones with bulky plastic cases. You don’t want your protection to totally ruin the sleek lines and distinctive Apple design, and you won’t have to worry about that with your skin. 3M skins for your iPhone 6s have been refined and customized, in order to complement the design that you love. They’re available in colours and textures that enhance your 6s into a truly unique and stylish phone. You might know more than a few 6s owners, but who else do you know to have bright white carbon fiber covering their iPhone?

 In all likelihood, you don’t know anyone with an iPhone that stylish, but you can be the fashion-forward Apple owner in your group. All you have to do is get yourself online and search through the stylish vinyl skins at your fingertips. It will feel good knowing your phone looks great, but it’ll feel even better knowing that your iPhone 6s is fully protected so you won’t have to pay any more money than you already have!

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