How and When To Discuss Your Sex Life With A Sexologist

Sexual problems are very much prevalent in our society. At some point or the other during a relationship, you may feel that your sexual life is not as satisfying as it could be. There can be one or several factors that lead to sex-related issues.

The common factors are experiencing pain during intercourse, partners having different sex drives, erection related issues, orgasm related difficulties, finding time for sex, not communicating what partners expect from one another, trauma, childhood histories of abuse and psychological or medical reasons.

How to Openly Discuss Sex-related Issues with a Doctor

Sex is a very personal issue and talking about it can be uncomfortable for many people. But sharing your sex related problems with a doctor is the best thing you can do to improve your sex life. Sex therapists see thousands of people and they can understand the challenges of your situation and help you overcome your sex related issues. Seeing a sexologist is like going to a gynaecologist rather than visiting a family doctor for pregnancy related issues. A sexologist feels comfortable talking about sex and nothing is a taboo or off limits while discussing it with a sexologist. They are aware of your anxiety while talking about such an intimate subject and they will help you ease into the topic and guide you while talking about the sex related issues.

How Consulting a Doctor is beneficial for Sexual Health?

Most people resist asking questions related to their sexual life. But consulting a sex therapist can be highly beneficial. This can make you more confident in and out of the bedroom. You can be free and don’t have to worry about the usage of the words, which are considered taboo. Consulting can help to solve a lot of your sex related doubts. It can educate you on what your partner wants and might just save your relationship. Also, it can address the psychological and physical issues related to sexual health and might also help you conceive easily.

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