Make It Awesome: 5 Bedroom Design Ideas That Can Wow Your Airbnb Guests

For sure, you would like your Airbnb guests to feel that they are sleeping in a bedroom that looks like an ultimate sanctuary. A place where they can relax and at the same time feel good about their vacation. 

Indeed, the environment of a bedroom can make or break the mood of the people sleeping in it. If you want to create a welcoming and relaxing vibe for your Airbnb guests, you can take some cues of these bedroom design ideas below. So take a read!

Zen-Inspired Bedroom

A bedroom design that got its influences from the Zen-style interior make-up has become trendy recently. Of course, this interior design from Asia is sure to transform your bedroom into a peaceful, clean, and serene sleeping sanctuary. 

For you to achieve this design, just make sure that you avoid clutter in your bedroom to make it seem like an open space. Just infuse a right amount of Zen artworks on the wall and furniture pieces that look conventional and natural. 

A Zen-inspired bedroom incorporates a color scheme and atmosphere that you can see from nature like green. For this, you can display some natural plants in your bedroom.

Make It Feminine 

Some Airbnb hosts tap the soothing and calm effects of feminine designs in their bedroom. For sure, your women guests will approve of it, but it will also be popular with your male clients.

For you to pull off a feminine vibe on your Airbnb bedroom, just paint the walls with graceful colors of soft lavender or pink. After that, you can make it a little bit brighter in the other areas of the room. You can make it, for instance, in the color of your furniture pieces like your ottoman. 

You can choose a pastel color for bed essentials like the sheets and pillows. Add a carpet in soft brown color for you to bring elegance to the bedroom. Feminine bedroom design is not only calming and soothing, but it also makes the bedroom avoid the monotonous look.

Let It Be Soft Gray 

A soft gray color scheme is sure to create a laid-back sleep environment for your Airbnb guests. In fact, many homeowners nowadays will prefer soft gray than white.

It is because, unlike white, soft gray is something that is not threadbare and will give your guests a simple yet relaxing sleeping sanctuary. For you to not make the room attain a dull ambiance, make sure to choose pastel colors in your accessories while keeping the walls soft gray.

Green and Serene

It is undeniable that when you look at something green, it gives you a calm and soothing feeling. When you hold in your sight a green color, it seems like the world comes into life and the surrounding around you transforms into something natural. 

For you to create a bedroom design like this, you can make it by displaying some natural indoor plants in the bedroom. You can also paste on the wall a beautiful floral wallpaper to create the illusion of natural vibe. 

Make sure to show off in the bedroom some artworks depicting nature such as green fields and lush forests, A green color theme is sure to give your Airbnb guests the comfort of sleeping that they desire.

Create a Rustic Vibe 

There is no easy definition of what makes a rustic-inspired bedroom. Many people will perhaps tell you that it is more about what you feel rather than the style of the interior. But if you have noticed, which I am sure you have,  a rustic-inspired bedroom incorporates natural materials like wood.

You will see in a rustic bedroom wooden furniture pieces, a neutral color theme, traditional accessories, and handmade fabrics. In spite of the profusion of natural materials, it does not mean that this style of the bedroom should not have a modern touch into it. 

Make sure to add a contemporary lighting fixture in the room or infuse the modern into the traditional through the beddings. You can look for comfortable and high-quality bed essentials in sites like Deal Wiki.


It is essential that you make the bedroom of your home cozy for your Airbnb guests. You can do this through the design of your bedroom. For this purpose, you can take some cues of the bedroom design ideas mentioned above.

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