Remove Cellulite Deposits Effectively Through Liposculpture

Most people tend to accumulate pocket of subcutaneous fat deposits in the most undesirable places of their bodies. In women, it is possible to find such cellulite deposits in the region of the thighs and the abdomen. However, in men, these fat deposits occur in the region of the stomach. An effective way for such individuals to alter their body shapes and remove such fat deposits is by undergoing a state of the art cosmetic surgery procedure known as Liposculpture. This is one of the safest liposuction operations in this medical field, which does not leave any scars on the patient’s body.

Why visit this clinic for a cosmetic surgery?

Sono Bello is one of the most prominent cosmetic surgery clinics in the United States, which has set the benchmark when it comes of offering the latest liposculpture procedures to the public. This medical institute employs over 100 board certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons who specialize in various branches of this field of medicine. They have the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise when it comes to successfully conducting complex surgical procedures that surplus their clients’ expectations. In fact, the positive Sono Bello Reviews from previous patients on the clinic’s website is an indication of popularity this healthcare center in the country. Until date, the medical professionals of this clinic have the reputation of carrying out over 90,000 successful total body transformation procedures. This is the reason why people who intend to undergo such surgeries never hesitate to flock to its 32 centers across America.


Before the procedure

The cosmetic surgeons of this clinic point out that prior to a liposculpture operation, the specialist who will carry out the surgery will assess medical history of the patient and evaluate his/her condition. The doctor will also explain the procedure in detail to the patient and answer all his/her queries. Moreover, such a professional will also go out of his/her way to explain the results a patient can expect from the operation. The medical practitioner will also forbid the patient for taking any aspirin-related products or vitamin E tablets for a period of six weeks prior to the surgical procedure.

The Treatment

The medical practitioner conducting the surgery will administer a local anesthetic to the patient before inserting a very small tube through a series of incisions of 3mm in the subcutaneous tissue. The specialist then injects a special fluid through this tube that converts these fat cells to liquid in addition to paralyzing the surrounding area. This makes it easier for the doctor to extract the cellulite deposit from the patient’s body. The doctor then uses a vacuum to drain out the fat cell deposits via the same cuts in the patient’s body with help of an ultra thin tube. This procedure acts as a catalyst in creating new contours that align effortlessly to the patient’s body.

People who go through the positive Sono Bello Reviews come to know that the experts of this clinic go out of their way to ensuretheir surgical procedures have a positive impact on their patient’s lives.

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