Important GCP Upgrades At Google’s Cloud Conference

Google Cloud Platform is that virtual platform that provides you with the virtual hosting of cloud storage, virtual infrastructure, cloud virtual networking, load balancing, machine learning and management tools that are all important for anything you need to build and scale with the help of internet. Google cloud computing caters you with such services that are not only helpful for developers to build programs, apps, etc., but are also important for supporting data warehousing, data exploration, data storage and managing other highly complex applications. Google cloud platform is always considered behind Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Microsoft Azure in Logging as a service (LAAS) cloud market. According to the latest research, GCP is now on a revenue run rate of $400 million and that is almost 20 times less than the market of Amazon web servers. But it should not be forgotten that Google came from behind in cloud computing after already winning browser, maps, search, mails and mobile, depending completely on its strength of technology and products/services.

Google is on a road to innovations for its cloud computing server, with a lot of room still available for them to innovate. Google at its NEXT event, made some quite significant announcements for Google Cloud Platform, which are-

  1. StackDriver – Google at NEXT event announced to jump into cloud management market with the introduction of STACKDRIVER. Google precisely referred it to make your off premises station (OPS) easier as it caters you unified, diagnostics, monitoring and logging services. It could also be used to manage AWS clouds.
  2. Cloud IAM – Google is continuously making some moves forward for boosting its cloud platform’s appeal to its enterprise user through introducing Cloud Identity and Access Management roles. This new role’s announcement provides finer access control for the environment of GCP.
  3. Machine Learning – It is the biggest take away from the Google NEXT event that Google have now its major focus on machine learning. That means, now user or any app can take advantage of same learning techniques, which Google services are also using.
  4. Big Query Advancements – Google also announced some advancement in BigQuery, which is one of the tools for core analytics in GCP. Google announced auto table partitions, which will make data management easier; a 50% price drop for data stored for more than 90 days in BigQuery. Also, a capacitor storage engine is announced which has ability to speed up some queries up to 10 times.
  5. Open Source – Helm is a code, which deconstructs containers and makes their management easier. As Google is always committed to open source it has announced to open source Helm at NEXT making it more simplified and accessible for the users worldwide.
  6. Instant Apps – Google has already partnered with a few companies to get them started with Instant Apps, but it will be opening up to everyone soon. Imagine if you didn’t have to install apps to use them – that is what Instant Apps is meant to deliver.

According to operating notion of one the GCP’s executive, this has just been starting of the cloud platforms, the industry’s journey has just begun and cloud is not done yet. So with this, you can rest assure that there are a lot many advancements that are going to be announced by the Google for its cloud computing platform which are definitely going to ease the virtual computing, networking, cloud monitoring, storage and management in the greatest way.

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