New Study Strategy For A New Year

Probably, all students had, at least once, a strange feeling when they got their marks back from college or university that and don’t have the results they were expecting for. It is great when these results are better and you are just surprised or make a conclusion that you were really efficient this semester. However, when there is something to be improved you have to create a strategy that you are going to follow. If you have never tried doing it, you can use the methods successful students offer.


Start with Building Your Understanding

Some students compare the process of learning with building a house. You have separate elements and you need to put them together in such a way to get the picture you previously planned to get. Take this as a model and make every single step consciously. For example, just listening to the lectures is not enough and you have also to read necessary textbooks, take meticulous notes in order to comprehend the subject deeply.  Even if this process seems too laborious for you, it will eventually save lots of time.

So, now you have the materials for building and it is necessary to choose the right way to organize your work. Actually, there are two major types basic learning strategies fall into. The first one is memorization. Its main principal is looking at every single brick (piece of information) for a long time, trying to remember its position.  Another strategy is formulas. It reminds the way blind people are walking around unknown place. You don’t see the entire building but know the rule how to keep safe. Most students feeling bored and despaired, just order  custom essay from BritishEssayWriter and find more pleasant activities.

These ways of learning have the right for existence however their efficiency is rather questionable. Moreover, it cannot be called a strategy, as human’s brain has a complicated mechanism and it cannot work like computer just excepting separate files. Instead of them you can use these more interesting ways.

New Study Strategy For A New Year


When you need to memorize some information or theory, compare with some phenomenon that is quite familiar and usual for you. In such a way you will be able to create a strong connection and a clear picture in your mind.

Explain the Subject

It would be just perfect if you find someone you can teach the subject. In the process of explanation you became even more aware of the topic and many complicated things became evident.

Turn On Senses

Probably, you already know that all our senses take an active part in the process of learning. If it is still difficult for you to memorize some abstract ideas just turn on your senses and create images in your mind. It is not surprising why students prefer hands-on to other ways of learning, as they allow them to spell, hear, touch or see something.

Make Baby Steps

One of the worst mistakes students make is trying to learn a huge amount of information in several hours. It is both too stressful and not effective. You have to make baby steps, learning every topic, theory or fact separately and gradually all these small parts will form a huge picture of your outlook. And, probably, you will be surprised the day before an important exam, as you have only to revise the information but not learn everything from the very beginning.

It will certainly take some time to get used to this new way of learning or, at least, to use some of these strategies, but very soon it will turn into a new habit and you will really enjoy the result.

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