Facial Treatments – Your Personal Fountain Of Youth

Facial Treatments – Your Personal Fountain Of Youth

One of the most effective ways of facial rejuvenation and youthful looks are facial treatments. Also known as facials, these procedures imply a variety of treatments which are usually performed on the topical basis, and include creams, exfoliation, steam, facial masks, peels and even massage. They can be included in spa treatment or can be performed in beauty salons, depending on the type of service they provide. In the following few paragraphs you will find out the basic information about different types of facial treatments which you can treat your skin with in order to keep it young for a long time.

Facial Masks

Depending on the skin type and the condition it is in, there is a specific mask you will need. If you suffer from acne and you want to heal them, your facial mask will be different from that of a person who has hyper-pigmentation problems for example. Masks can be categorised into two types: dry masks, which dry off after some time, and those which remain wet and can improve hydration of surface levels of your skin. Masks are usually used in order to heal, refresh, revitalise or yield other different types of temporary benefits. Masks are usually kept on the skin for a few minutes, but there are other masks which can be kept during the night. Some masks can be peel-off masks, which literally peel dead skin off your face and encourage faster healing and regeneration. If you have enough ingredients in your kitchen, you can even make your own, home-made facial masks and need not worry if you look a bit silly for fifteen minutes, because you are in the comfort of your home. Sometimes, natural facial masks have better effects than expensive ones, so you can experiment in this area as well.


Exfoliation is the key step in making your skin softer and younger. If you use a moisturised without having exfoliated your skin in the first place, the effect will be annulled, as if you did not do anything. This is why you should always exfoliate before bedtime. You can even do it during the shower, and this way you will enjoy the benefit of steam and opening of pores, so the dirt and oil will easily come out to the surface of your skin so that you can remove them. And you should not exfoliate your facial skin. To avoid the emergence of ingrown hair, you should exfoliate the skin on your legs prior to shaving or waxing. This will help already ingrown hair to easily come out to the surface, and you will solve two problems in one instance. Exfoliation is especially important if your skin is problematic and prone to acne, but you should not overdo it. If your skin is oily, exfoliate it once a week; if it is normal or combination – do it twice a week. Dry or dehydrated skin should be exfoliated more often – twice or thrice a week, whereas sensitive only once. Just like with facial masks, you can make a DIY exfoliating scrub using the ingredients which you have at hand, such as sugar or sea salt combined with olive oil or essential oils.

A Good Advice Is Priceless

There is nothing more valuable than a good advice. The benefit of facials can be shown only when you know you will benefit from them, so you can take advice from a dermatologist or aesthetician who can recommend which type of facial rejuvenation treatment in Sydney you should do. Sometimes, facials can be too aggressive to your skin so you can create the opposite effect from the desired one, and even cause more serious problems. You should have in mind that facials do not completely solve acne problems and cannot completely remove wrinkles; they can only help you up to a certain point. And if you are having a pore-cleaning therapy performed on your face, you will surely want an expert, so always watch for frauds and go to recommended salons.

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