A Good Nose Should Blend In, Not Stand Out!An Overview Of Rhinoplasty!

A Good Nose Should Blend In, Not Stand Out!An Overview Of Rhinoplasty!

Tom Cruise has the Roman nose, the sloping tip shows ambition! Daniel Radcliffe has the aquiline nosethat looks like a cool tactician! Queen actress Helen Mirren has the nose which is thin and pointed!

Many of their fans wish to have a nose like their favorite idols too. Even if not like that of a Hollywood celebrity, there are people who don’t like the shape of their nosewhich was like that since birth or disfigured by some accident.

This is where rhinoplasty steps in, which is usually known as ‘nose job’. Basically it is a surgery that changes the shape of your nose by adjusting the bone in your nose. The procedure is considered among the most common types of plastic surgery.

People go for this surgery for various reasons. This includes repairing the nose after an injury, they don’t feel like their nose fits their face, to correct breathing issues or some birth defects. Rhinoplasty can do only so much to change the appearance of your nose that includes adjusting the angle, reshaping the tip, changing the size, straightening the bridge or narrowing the nostrils. If the rhinoplasty surgery you are going for is cosmetic in nature, than it is more likely to affect your appearance than health. But before you jump in for the surgery, make sure you wait enough for your nasal bone to fully grow. For girls, the bone may have fully grown by the time they are fifteen whereas for the boys, it takes a little longer. In case, the surgery is recommended to correct a breathing issue, then the surgery may be performed at an earlier age as well.

A Good Nose Should Blend In, Not Stand Out!An Overview Of Rhinoplasty!

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common yet difficult of all cosmetic surgeries. So selecting a surgical expert should make the top of your list if you are planning to go for one. The results of the procedures are never absolutely perfect but if the surgeon has technical expertise and artistic skill, he can work out to bring forward the closest of results. Although the state of the art techniques used can change a misshapen nose dramatically but the basic structure of the nose will change to a certain extent only. So if you have a rhinoplasty scheduled, you should expect realistic results.

One size fits all is not true when plastic and cosmetic surgery is concerned. You may wish to have a nose like Tom Cruise as mentioned above but you can never be certain if that nose will suit on your face. So let you surgeon take the lead on it. The thing that you can be sure about a rhinoplasty is that it will give you a natural appearance; and this is something that all good procedures have in common. The most attractive nose for your face will be the one that is in sync with your facial features.

Great surgical skills matter when performing rhinoplasty but they cannot guarantee a good outcome alone. Good tissue and genes along with favorable healing responses play a pivotal role. In majority of the cases, the swelling caused due to the surgery will keep the nose distorted for several months. Even a good outlook may appear disappointing initially but be patient it may just be because you have significant acne or a thick sebaceous skin. Do consult the experts like Dr. Crispin for rhinoplasty in Atlanta before you jump in.

Some patients who dream of having a perfect nose undergo revision surgeries. But think twice before you do so, near perfection nose is something that you cannot achieve in rhinoplasty. You may waste a lot of money and spoil an almost perfect nose trying to get a perfect one. If you feel that there is a minor imperfection as a result of your original surgery, then it is suggested to go for a revision surgery but complex surgeries are not recommended. The revision surgery is more costly, less effective than the first one and more complex. Given the technology, rhinoplasty today is more predictive. With a combination of right surgical expertise and favorable tissue, the cosmetic surgery is capable of producing a nose that will look beautiful on your face and would last a lifetime. Find out more by visiting Atlanta rhinoplasty surgery centers.

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