Divorce Without A Lawyer: Benefits Of Hiring An Online Divorce Company

Divorce Without A Lawyer: Benefits Of Hiring An Online Divorce Company

If you are reading this article, then there is a really good chance that you have thought about changing the usual course of your family life at least once. Despite thousands of years of trying to find the perfect recipe for a happy family, the greatest minds of mankind have not invented a magic pill that will allow you to experience the perfect marriage, free of arguments and mistakes.

People around the world continue to become disillusioned with the long-term planning of their own lives, resulting in the breakdown of the traditional patterns of relationships and values that have been cultivated from generation to generation. Unfortunately, the United States is far from an exception to the rule, with a divorce rate that is often among the top in the world.

The harsh truth about such a sad trend can appropriately be compared to the situation that results from neglecting a chronic disease. In most cases, seriously ill patient cannot fully rehabilitate their physical condition, but thanks to achievements of modern medicine, they can significantly alleviate the pain, suffering, and discomfort. The analogy with divorces is obvious. Everyone understands that this is a very painful, stressful, and sometimes expensive and lengthy process. But there are opportunities to minimize financial expenses, time, and the emotional stress of the process!

On the one hand, you have life coaches and personal psychologists, whose consultations can help you work on the current problem and improve your psycho-emotional state after stress. On the other hand, there are various options for legal assistance, including consultations with lawyers, comprehensive information support, professional assistance in preparing divorce documents, and online services that allow you to do all the necessary preparatory work without leaving your home. We will talk about the last option from this list in more detail below.

Online Divorce Service: Your Divorce Process on your Personal Computer

In recent years, civil divorce proceedings have become commonplace in all US states. In many cases, in order to file for a divorce, you are required to complete a standard set of documents that must be attached to the divorce application for submission to the court. At the same time, as society has adjusted to the new norm of divorce as commonplace, all US states have made changes to allow couples to dissolve their marriage without laying blame for its breakdown. This no-fault divorce format greatly simplifies certain parts of legal procedure.

Traditionally, divorce was associated with expensive legal costs charged by lawyers, which was not affordable to all clients. The total budget for the divorce proceedings often amounted to several thousand dollars. This was the main factor that led to various online divorce applications being developed. These online divorce services have become a great alternative to the traditional marriage dissolution process for a number of reasons which we will mention below.

First of all, the obvious benefit of using such applications is that you can plan your budget in detail for all divorce-related expenses, accurately and clearly in advance. As a rule, you can get detailed information about various service packages offered by the site and understand how much your remote dissolution of marriage will cost before you even start. In most cases, this will be a one-time fixed payment for a specific list of services, including the comprehensive preparation of your divorce documents.

In addition to paying for the paper preparation service, you will only need to pay for standard legal costs, such as your filing fee, and fixed organizational taxes. Thus, the total amount of your estimated costs, when using the online divorce service, will be significantly less than turning to lawyers for help. The service is designed to make the divorce process easy enough, so that you can do it without the support of an attorney, potentially saving thousands of dollars in legal costs. However, it should be borne in mind that a “do it yourself” divorce is possible only if your case can be qualified as an uncontested divorce!

Uncontested divorce as the way to a quick and painless end to a marriage by the mutual consent of the spouses

If the circumstances of your life have led to the dissolution of your marriage, remember that it is in your best interests to make sure that your case can be processed as an uncontested divorce. To put it briefly, this form of divorce is possible when the decision to legally terminate the marriage, as well as all the terms of your separation, is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

In addition to correctly completing the standard package of divorce papers for submission to the court, the parties must conclude a mutual contract, known as a settlement agreement, to prevent controversy in the future. The aforementioned agreement may contain clauses that relate to the division of property, financial obligations and responsibilities related to the care of any minor children of marriage, and various issues related to spousal support. The agreement may also include a liability agreement for joint family debts and assets, financial and credit banking obligations, as well as a possible separation of the costs of filing the divorce proceedings.

One spouse will act as a petitioner or plaintiff, and the other becomes the respondent or defendant, but so long as it is uncontested, it can move through court quickly and with minimal effort. Only the absence of any claims and recriminations between the participants in the process will allow for the divorce to be recognized as an uncontested and no-fault one. And as such, the court will be required to declare your application acceptable for consideration, and you can safely refuse the services of lawyers, instead opting for a more preferable online divorce service.

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