Trips That Require Airport Parking

Using Adelaide airport parking is one of the most convenient ways to store your car while you are traveling. Of course, you might consider other ways of getting back and forth to the airport. There are available taxis and shuttle services. However, these options can be even more expensive than airport parking, and with shuttle services, you are stuck accommodating their schedules. Asking a friend or coworker can be awkward. They will feel obliged to help you out. In some cases, you might find yourself waiting for them to get off work to pick you up or being left at the airport hours in advance of your flight. Here are the trips where airport parking is definitely your best bet.

Weekend Get Away

If you are making the most of a free weekend and going somewhere that requires an airplane trip, you want to make the most of your time by parking at the airport. If you are relying on others for a ride, you might find yourself leaving later or returning home on an earlier flight. You will make these adjustments to meet someone else’s schedule without really thing about it because you do not want to be an inconvenience. With your car parked at the airport, you can even consider returning early Monday morning and driving directly to work.

Family Vacation

If you are travelling with the family, you do not want to put neighbours and friends through the drama of driving you and the children to the airport. Your youngest travellers might be grouchy ahead of an early morning flight or worn out after a week of travelling and vacation time. Also, a family with luggage requires a lot space to transport. You do not want to be shoved into a friend’s smaller vehicle or ask them to use a larger one than they need for their normal day.

Business Meetings

If you are travelling on business, you want to work on your company’s schedule. You will need to arrive in plenty of time to make meetings and a good impression. A late flight could leave you stressed and running late to a meeting. When you park at the airport, you will arrive home at the end of your business trip and be able to return to the office immediately. If you are getting home on a Friday evening, you will want to get home as quickly as possible after a long workweek and having a car at the airport is the way to do this.


You might be going off for a few days to a conference for work or a personal hobby. You might need to carry presentation materials of various sizes. Driving yourself to the airport and using the parking there is your best option. Many shuttle companies will not accommodate unusually shaped and sized packages. Some might even limit the number of bags you can bring on the shuttle. You will want your own car for transportation.

Whether or not you choose airport parking Adelaide might be dependent on your reasons for travelling. If time is essential, then having a car at the airport is always your best option. When travelling with a large group and children, you will want to have your own vehicle available. Any unusual baggage needs require a personal car to get these items to the airport.

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