3 Things You Should Do Following a Skateboard Accident

Some of the things we do for fun also come with high risks, and for children, one of those activities is skateboarding. The ability to soar through the air and perform flips and other fancy tricks can be too fun to pass up, but channeling our inner Tony Hawk can get the best of us and lead to cuts and broken bones.

There are several steps to take after a skateboard accident that allow you to recover both physically and financially, and certain precautions can help you avoid future accidents. Here are three things you should do to bounce back after a skateboard accident and continue having fun.

Collect information

Keeping a record of everything that happened before and after an accident helps everyone involved move on. Suffering an injury after a trick gone wrong will most likely cause you less trauma than any car or motorcycle accident, but there are still long and short-term issues that a skateboard accident can cause. You may be lucky enough to escape with a couple bruises, but if you’re not wearing the proper protective gear, you can suffer a broken arm or leg. Or a concussion, which causes long-term physical and mental issues if not addressed right away.

Having photos of your injuries will allow medical professionals to figure out what should be done to heal them. Your doctor can determine what medicine is needed and what to do during recovery so you can avoid re-injuring yourself, as well as treat infections if you have a large cut. If your accident involves colliding with another person, it helps to have that person’s email address, phone number, and other contact information. This allows everyone involved to stay up to date on the recovery process. Video and photo evidence of the injuries will allow you to avoid being liable to payments in case the situation is taken to court.

Contact your lawyer

It’s ideal that you spend as little money as necessary healing or helping your child heal from a skateboard accident, as well as figure out if you’re entitled to anything after this type of situation. A personal injury lawyer comes in handy in this scenario. There are attorneys who specialize in skate boarding accidents, who can tell you what you’re entitled to for certain injuries. Having evidence of the incident makes this process much easier.

Avoid accidents in the future

Knowing how to avoid getting injured the same way will save you or your child plenty of pain and aggravation going forward. If your child wasn’t wearing the right helmet or elbow and knee pads when they were injured, it’s best to enforce stricter rules about wearing them. The more gear, the better, especially if the skating area in question is near a street or other public area. If your child was injured by letting a friend ride the skateboard with them, then it’s best if they skate on their own. Otherwise, make sure your child avoids doing so in the future, as having multiple people on one board can cause a lack of balance and thus a greater chance of accidents.

The skateboard’s condition also plays a role in your chance of suffering an injury. It’s important to make sure your current skateboard is safe to use. This includes checking the wheels and ensuring the board can handle the rider’s weight. If it isn’t, you may have to invest in a new board. You may have to avoid trying any fancy tricks for a while. Find a trainer who can help you improve your skills, skate safe, and learn how to pull off cool moves without getting hurt.

Keep these tips in mind so that you or your child can properly heal from a skateboard accident and still enjoy this fun activity.

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