Making Your Life Better

Making Your Life Better

The title of this articles promises a lot – and I’m sorry to say I can’t tell you how to fix everything. What we’re looking at today is ways to find put a luxurious lining on your life, so that even in dark times you can have something to fall back on that makes you feel better.

It might require cutting back in some other areas to allow you to treat yourself and create this pocket of indulgence and luxury, but it’s well worth it. When budgeting, it’s vital to keep some money back for yourself. Too harsh a budgeting regime is difficult to maintain: if you cut yourself off from everything you enjoy, the will to keep up with your plans will quickly ebb away. Of course, if you’re struggling to make rent and afford bills your priority has got to be those before everything else!

Knowing What You Value

The most important part of finding a part of your life to improve is to know yourself, and your values. You need to think about what you absolutely cannot do without, what brings you the joy that makes life worth living.

Maybe you live for trips to the theatre, and the post show debate, discussion and dissection. You might be a keen and committed gamer, eagerly awaiting new release. If you’re a gym bunny, then exercise is the thing that adds flavour to your life, while a reader can’t do without a collection of books and a comfy chair to read them in.

When you’ve decided which area is your absolute metier, you can begin to build a routine around it that makes it a central part of your life: something that allows you to relax, makes you feel confident, protected and prepared.

Set yourself a monthly budget to spend on it, maybe filtered through giftcards – choosing how much to spend on giftcards for the videogame platform of your choice every month means you don’t risk overspending on their online store and means you can store up credit for the next big release if there’s nothing you want to spend your budget on in a given month.

The same holds true in the world of physical products. If the area you’ve chosen to gild is your grooming routine, set a budget for your products each month: if you don’t use it all, set it aside and save up from some luxury shaving accessories so you can really treat yourself with a badger hair brush or high end fragrances.

Choosing one area to treat yourself gives you a distinct signature and helps to keep your other budgeting efforts under control, so start today!

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