Foods To Study And Improve Memory

Foods To Study And Improve Memory

Nuts, avocados, salmon, eggs, green tea, chocolate, oats, bananas and carrots, among other foods, help us to study and strengthen our memory and concentration during times of study and examinations.

The months of June and September are, for many young people, synonymous with tests: exams, recoveries, entrance exams … are moments hit the books and study as if possessed without leaving home or library. But we will not mislead or create false hope: there are no solutions or miracle potions. However, we can exploit the property that certain foods provide our bodies to retain and enhance our memory and concentration. And is that good nutrition is key in maintaining an optimum balance between body and mind.

Among those foods that help memory retention study when we found.


Nuts are also a good ally to lower cholesterol, abdominal fat and the risk of heart attack or stroke, efficient, thanks to its high content of phosphorus, to improve the performance of our brain. Another nut that improves memory is the almond.

Avocado and Salmon

Avocado is a very complete and healthy food that features a high contribution in omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, fiber and antioxidants, a cocktail of beneficial properties that helps to enhance the level of concentration in study time. Salmon, also rich in healthy fats, provides similar features to our body, other than help control cholesterol and prevent heart problems.

Royal Jelly and Honey

Royal jelly enhances the immune system, provides energy and reduces physical and mental fatigue. Honey, meanwhile, recommended against sugar, also provides energy and essential nutrients for the body.

Green Tea and Chocolate

The properties and benefits of green tea have been known for hundreds of years by humans. Its stimulating action involves an injection of energy to the body. Just one cup of green tea a day brings the body the appropriate level of caffeine to stay focused on those long hours of study. Similarly, the black chocolate, taken in perspective, satisfies the need for sugar, which helps the brain maintain attention and concentration and at the same time, fighting depression and stress.


The banana is perhaps one of the most consumed and most reputable among athlete’s fruits. For its high content of potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 acts to improve mental concentration.


Carrots are used for much more than enhance a sun tan in summer. Eaten regularly, preferably raw, can increase our skills retention and memory thanks to beta-carotene, a antecedent of vitamin A major that helps shield the immune system, eye and bone.

Protein Foods

Skim milk, chicken, turkey and all foods rich in proteins help us stay focused and memory. In addition, some studies point to the IGF-II protein as key in reinforcing memory.


According to one study, vitamin B12 is very important for maintaining cognitive abilities and prevents mental deterioration. Also, vitamin C, present mainly in citrus fruits, vitamin B6 and vitamin E plays an essential role in improving memory and language.


As we said at the beginning, stuff yourself to these foods and taking vitamin supplements and other accessories you will not save the suspense. The key is simple: eat a balanced, clear the mind playing sports and rest well and, above all, study!

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