The Benefits Of Appraising Your Jewelry

Unless you know what you are looking at, finding the value of a piece of jewelry can be difficult. Hiring a professional who specializes in the appraisal of jewelry will help you get an idea of what your jewelry is worth and whether or not it should be insured. It also helps to know exactly what you have if you decide you want to sell it.

Insure for Actual Value

One of the main benefits of having your jewelry appraised is being able to insure it for its full and actual value. When a piece is insured, you will be compensated for the full value of the piece if it is ever lost, damaged or destroyed. When people insure their homes, they also insure the contents of the home as well as their personal property. If you have several pieces of jewelry that are worth a large amount of money, having them insured for their full value is within your best interest.

Know What You Have

If you frequently shop jewelry stores, you may have a fairly good idea as to what to look for in high quality jewelry. You should still have a professional appraise your jewelry so you know exactly what you have. This is extremely beneficial if you ever choose to sell a single piece or your entire collection. Having an appraiser’s’ certificate that states the value of the piece will help you get the actual value (or as close to it as possible).

An appraiser’s certificate will also state the carat, color, quality and any other important details about the piece that will add or detract from its total value.

Many people who do not have their jewelry appraised before they attempt to sell it, often are compensated for much less than it is actual worth. It isn’t that most jewelers are unscrupulous, but no one wants to pay more for a piece than they absolutely have to. If a jeweler is in a hurry, they may quote you a price without actually examining the piece. If they estimate high, then you don’t lose any money.

If their estimate is low, however, you could lose quite a bit of money. Also, unfortunately there are people who will scam you to suit their own financial gain, having the certificate will ensure that you are not taken advantage of when selling your jewelry.

Establish Financial Value

Jewelry is often purchased at auctions or received as part of an inheritance. If you purchase jewelry on a regular basis or have received heirloom jewelry from a family member, your first step is to get it appraised by a professional jeweler. There may be times, when you come by a piece of jewelry that was appraised at an earlier time. Even if the jewelry has an appraised value that is documented, it is still in your best interest to have it appraised again.

Depending on how long ago the prior appraisal took place, changes in the gold or diamond market may have made it obsolete.

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