7 Things You Should Not Do On Facebook

7 Things You Should Not Do On Facebook

Facebook is a tool for personal leisure or professional use which has a large following and it is important to think positive on getting the most out of this technological medium. Technological advances have led many of us to move our conversations to online platforms. Now interact through a screen and have changed our laughter to the simple representation of an emoji.

And despite the boom in applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat, Facebook remains the social network with more impact in life, there have been born some relationships, friendships; and heartbreaks, unfaithfulness. Thousands of people share thoughts and ideas on the walls and even family issues we found through our photos climbing like.

But despite the wealth offered by this platform, there are people who use this network to do things that make us cringe. So, to avoid any action that might damage your reputation, avoids falling into one of these errors. Facebook is a very useful and handy whenever you have common sense about what to do and what is best avoided. We give tips on those things that is better to do on Facebook by caution:

1. Firstly, watch the images you post because by doing this you’re also doing a good marketing campaign taking care of yourself and your personal brand. Make some mistakes in Facebook can shut you down doors to employment levels. Avoid being a workaholic because it causes image selfie vanity.

2. Do not comment on the social networks you’re going to go on vacation as well’re being proactive against potential home burglaries. It is better to be cautious because thieves often make a killing in the absence of tenants.

3. Do not abuse the use of spam since in that case, some of your friends might block you.

4. Before posting a photo that another appears, ask permission. It is an act of good education that many people skip.

5. Do not give too personal and private information through social networks because you give value to your personal affairs.

6. Don’t publish information on Facebook while you’re at work schedule because it is important to separate areas and be one hundred percent focused on office hours. Similarly, not criticize your boss on Facebook or not count a labor dispute because discretion is one of the most valued qualities in a company.

7. Think twice before accepting an invitation from a person you do not know. Similarly, avoid sending a Facebook friend request from your boss because it is better to keep certain virtual distance with him.

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