Things You Should Know About Honey

There are many different types of honey in the market and some of the most special kinds are produced in specific locations. Honey is a common type of liquid food and it is produced in nearly all countries. Each country offers its own unique types of honey and it can be influenced by the species and sub-species of bees, as well as the surrounding areas.

As an example, honey produced in areas with many orchards can be different than the one produced in areas with grain fields. Bees may also blend different types of honey from specific plants to create distinctly special flavours.

There are many different types of honey in the market, each with its own color, viscosity level, taste and smell. Honey can appear as darkish brown or nearly colorless. Their flavours can also be very strong or very mild. This depends on the place where these bees live. But in general, honey with stronger flavour has darker color, while the one milder flavour is more likely lightly colored.

Here is how plants affect the honey:

• Acacia: Honey produced from this plant doesn’t crtytalize, it has slightly tangy flavour with pale amber color.

• Alfalfa: Bees take pollens from the purple blossoms of the plant. The honey has mild flavour and light color.

• Apple: The color is medium amber or lighter, with slight apple aroma.

• Aster: There are many different aster species, which can affect flavour and color. But honey from aster tends to crystallize quickly.

• Avocado: The honey is dark in color and rich, butter flavour.

• Blackberry: Honey made from this plant has light amber color with delicate aroma

• Blueberry: Bees get their pollen from the plant’s white flowers. The honey may have well-rounded flavour with light amber color.

• Buckwheat: It has full bodied flavour and darker color. Compared to lighter honeys, the type made from buckwhear may contain more antoxidants.

• Canola: It has light amber to clear color. The hone can crystallize easily, has low acidity and is very delicate.

• Chestnut: It is dark brown and has a strong spicy, nutty flavour.

• Clover: Honeys made from clover may have amber to clear color. Its flavour can be tangy, but overall very mild. Varieties of clover may determine the type of honey.

• Cranberry: The hone is medium amber in color with slight fruity flavour and tart aftertaste to it.

• Eucalyptus: There are more than five hundred species in the eucalyptus family and each may produce different type of color and flavour. In general, honey made from eucalyptus has slight medicinal scent and strong taste.

• Letherwood: It has dark amber color and strong spicy flavour.

• Huckleberry: Dark amber color with full bodied flavour

• Goldenrod: Light amber color and very robust flavour

• Tulip flower: Medium amber color and strong flavour

• Pine: Dark amber color

• Orange: Honey produced from a variety of citrus plan often has very pleasant fresh scent, mild citrus flavour and lighter color.

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