Quantity Take off Service- A complete Solution In Construction Industry

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A detailed measurement of materials and labor required to complete a construction project is known as quantity take off service. Now most of the reputed construction companies use this modern technology to complete the work with efficiency. These companies hire well-experienced estimators who can do quantity takeoff service by reviewing drawings and specifications. A processional estimator provides different services including preparing cost estimates and plans, auditing projects, maintaining the total construction work. They also check the on changes of the total design to access the cost effects.

Professional Quantity Takeoff Service:

By utilizing the best technologies and practices, now estimators provide different customers including architects, designers, contractors, sub-contractors and building owners the most accurate estimation and calculation. Some of the quantity take off services are:

  1. Pre-construction work order sheet
  2. Creation of a virtual intelligent 3D model
  3. Creation of libraries
  4. Architectural, structural, MEP integration
  5. Extraction of accurate project information
  6. High quality construction documents

With the help of modern technology now different companies use quantity take off service to help the clients reduce time taken for the project completion and thereby minimize the expense by great extent and percentage.

Different Beneficial Aspects of Quantity Take Off Services:

  1. Highly skilled team and long experienced team of engineers
  2. Cost effective solutions
  3. Customized services
  4. Precision in work that provides high success rate
  5. 100% customer satisfaction

Over the following years, the popularity of quantity take off service has increased a lot. Now most of the contractors are always facing the limited time on preparing the construction and hard pressed for time to submit before the construction closing. By outsourcing out the quantity take off service, the company resources may greater value to focus on most essential construction of business activities.

However, the cost estimation or BIM modeling services are apt for eliminating inaccuracies and risks. Professional companies provide comprehensive information of quantities, costs, location and time. They also ensure high accuracy and total quality and are highly cost effective as well.

Some Major Features of Quantity Take Off Service:

  1. Take off in minutes automatically: You can perform a takeoff on an entire BIM in just minutes by integration of 2D and 3D design.
  2. Search objects in your building information model: Search BIM objects using the various tools available by performing either a basic search or limit it to, instance, and a subset of your BIM objects.
  3. Dynamic counting: You can count and quantify the design data easily and quickly with the help of quantity take off service. It is easy too.
  4. Define a quantity: You can also calculate the quantities for each of your search results. Quantities take off offers several of objects and dimensions, which can be optimized for both design and construction.
  5. Visualize the quantities and search results: You can easily locate the search results by using out visualization feature. You can also use the feature to edit your building model if you are a modeler.
  6. Export the results into Microsoft excel: The search results and quantities can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel. This enables your project managers, subcontractors and site personnel to analyze the BIM quantities at various levels.
  7. Share, query and clarify: Mark up and round trip your comments. You can also generate quantities that are linked to specific objects.
  8. Greater flexibility than typical spreadsheet or database: For material cost estimating purposes, you can easily perform interactive examination of 3D models.

Moreover, quantity take off service included different things such as detailed planning, edge technology and precision and cost estimating. These are quite cost effective for a construction industry.

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