What is the importance of good ventilation?

The health of your indoor air is critical in terms of the well-being of its inhabitants.

Humans tend to spend upwards of 90% of their time indoors and breathe in thousands of litres of air each day. Ventilation is aimed at having healthy indoor air in the building. Healthy indoor air is very important in terms of well-being. Check out the best ventilation service in Auckland or a city near you.

The following reasons are very important to the exchange of air.

  • Humidity, smokes and odours are produced while cooking, dishwashing, washing, taking a steam bath, washing clothes and breathing which can be eliminated efficiently by proper ventilation.
  • Low oxygen content in the air can cause headaches and fatigue. Efficient ventilation keeps the carbon dioxide level sufficiently in check and keeps the residents better and more active.
  • Proper ventilation also helps to remove the emissions that are caused by construction and furnishing materials from indoor air.

Generally, the traditional way of building involves taking care of your indoor air quality with the use of effective natural ventilation, based on differences in pressure which is caused by the differences in height and temperature and by the wind. The difference in pressure makes the stuffy air and humidity go out via the vents, also replacing fresh air came in as leaks through window chinks or openings built for replacement air.

In our modern homes which are built or renovated in the contemporary way to be tight, natural ventilation is no longer remains a sufficient way of a guaranteed good indoor air quality. The living habits of today’s world leads to high humidity load indoors as it is quite usual for individuals to take a shower many times a day and clothes are also washed and dried indoors. As the water vapours and tightly shut windows impede the flow of fresh air in, the humidity cannot escape. Therefore, it is much necessary to deal with ventilation mechanically. A great option for proper ventilation of your home tries out some of the best Heat Pumps in Hamilton or a city near you.

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