What Is The Most Popular Plastic Surgery In 2014

In the days of old, the thought of surgery invoked images of large amounts of money and serious health problems. Fast forward to today and surgery has become normal and less scary with some procedures gaining widespread popularity. The onset of cosmetic surgery opened up many doors and this coupled with an undying desire for perfection, makes plastic surgery one of the most sought after procedures.

This type of surgery can be done on all parts of the human anatomy to make them look and feel better. As trends keep changing so does the popularity of different cosmetic procedures. Here are some of the most popular plastic surgeries of 2014 as performed by the North West Independent Hospital:

With so much awe surrounding women’s breasts, it is inevitable that women flock the plastic surgeon’s office in droves this year. Boob jobs are popular among women who want to reduce, increase or make their breasts firmer to suit their notion of whatever is perfect. Despite some controversy surrounding some breast implants, demand for this cosmetic procedure continues to increase as evident from statistics. Breast enlargements are most popular in this area but there are still more plastic surgeries that people do not mind having.

Facelifts are very popular this year among celebrities who want to shed years from their faces. A complex surgery must be done by a professional if you do not want to be standing in line for the next edition of ‘botched’.

What Is The Most Popular Plastic Surgery In 2014

There has been some serious fads surrounding small, well-structured noses along the years and 2014 is not the year this trend dies down. Every day we are reading about a famous person with a shorter, straighter nose because they want to look more feminine. A big nose on a woman is said to make her lose elegance in her facial features but given the growing popularity of rhinoplasty, all you need to do is walk in to an experienced plastic surgeon’s office to emerge looking better.

Tummy tucks or abdominoplasty also has a huge fan base of people looking to not only lose weight, but also improve their image. As shown by reliable sources, obesity is plaguing many people in the world and while in most cases proper diet and exercise burn off excess fat, some people struggle so much that only making their tummy smaller can save them. A small belly means that you cannot eat too much before the sac is full which n turn means that you will lose weight.

Linoplasty is another procedure that many people go for in their numbers. It is often called ‘body sculpting’ because it removes any annoying bits of fat that you feel are ruining your entire body image. Linoplasty is the plastic surgical procedure to go for if you have love handles and saddlebags to deal with.

Many things make the eyes baggy and this is not acceptable in the year 2014. This is why people are rushing to get blepharoplasty to tighten the skin and remove wrinkles around the eyelids. Note that eye surgery does not result in total disappearance of crow’s feet and vision might be blurred for a few days after the operation.

With image role models like Nicki Minaj, it seems hottest to have a big butt. This seems like the surgery to go for if you want to look stunning in any outfit. You need to go to seasoned professionals for butt implants because they have to come out balanced and perfectly shaped to get you the attention you need.

We will certainly be seeing more of these popular plastic surgeries this year as more people search for perfection in their looks. While a little nip and tuck here and there is not harmful be careful not to be sucked into the world of those who obsess day in and out over the next procedure they can have. There are many notions of perfection depending on trending issues and you want to preserve your natural appeal through the plastic surgery.

The need to go to certified plastic surgeons cannot be emphasized more because there are so many quacks that do not care about your safety as much as they do for a dollar. Ask to see reliable photos of their previous jobs to see how much they were able to improve their patient’s image… or not!

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