Jonathan Bunge- His Views On The Psychological Advantages Of Football

Football is an endurance game and teaches players rich values and lessons. It is a well loved sport across the world with millions of football lovers in all nations. These fans love the game for its excitement and thrills. However, there are some passionate fans of the sport that go beyond the fun, excitement and thrills. They focus on the life skills that football teaches to both the young and old.

Jonathan Bunge is such an individual who not only loves football but also spreads its positive messages to both the young and old. Jonathan is a busy professional involved in the transportation industry. He needs to travel long distances frequently. When he comes back home, he loves to share his ideas and thoughts on football, tattoos and his experiences on the road. Jonathan not only catches up with latest news of his favorite team but he also shares extensively the social and the psychological benefits of football. He not only writes about football but he also collects articles worth reading and shares them with his readers.

Jonathan says that young players can learn a lot from the game of football. There are rules applicable to both teams and the team that has the best unity and co-ordination always wins. Football is a team game and there is always a very high level of discipline and emotional temperance involved. Players of football are taught many life skills thanks to the competitive aspects of the game. They know how to cope with disappointment, practice good sportsmanship, grow from constructive criticism and develop the spirit of resilience. The skill of football also instills a high level of self-esteem and confidence as well.

It helps individuals who are reserved to overcome their shyness. Jonathan states that since the sport is a fast paced one, players need to harness a large amount of concentration, quick thinking and adaptability. Football also helps to ward off depression to a large extent. Jonathan encourages parents to actually introduce their children early to the benefits of football. With the aid of this game, children are able to develop positive life skills in the nurturing years of their life. They can develop social circles that are positive and also embrace the ideal role models in life.

Jonathan Bunge is a few of these football fans that go the extra mile to make people aware of the benefits of playing football. This unique sport is different from the other sports played across the globe nowadays. If young children are introduced to it, they will develop into mature and balanced individuals. Parents should allow their kids to start early. It is true that football is an endurance game and there are chances of kids slipping and falling. However, Jonathan maintains that the life skills that will be inculcated in them will go a very long way to make them positive and developed human beings!

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