Weddings Done Right

Your wedding is one of the most important and exciting days of your life.  You should plan for every luxury you can afford to make the day memorable.  A limo ride to your wedding and reception can be a special treat for you and your new spouse.  In some cases the entire wedding party will enjoy the ride.  Start the day out with a romantic ride in a limo for a beautiful memory of your wedding day.

Who Will Join You?

Decide ahead of time who will ride in the limo.  Sometimes you may want to have the parents of the couple included or the rest of the wedding party.  You can even hire more than one limo to handle a larger group.  This way, the happy couple can have some space of their own.  Be sure to allow room for the wedding dress!  The bigger the dress, the more room you will need.  However many people you decide to have in your limo, remember to plan ahead by choosing a limo to fit everyone comfortably.  A representative at your local limo service will help you decide on the right vehicle to service your event.

Adding to the Atmosphere

There is just something nice and classic about a limo waiting to receive the newly married couple.  They will come running out of the ceremony, dodging rice or bubbles, and jump into the waiting limo.  The videos and pictures will be enhanced, as well, by the formal addition.  After long months of planning the perfect wedding, a limo is certainly a luxurious way to make everyone feel special.  There are some great options for limo hire in Perth to make your wedding day as dreamy as you imagined it.

Add Some Extras

Talk to the limo representative beforehand about the various options and extras.  The new couple may like to have some Champagne waiting in the back of the limo for a toast after the wedding ceremony.  There may also be some musical choices to fit the mood or you can discuss having your own special musical selections played when you get in the limo.  You and your significant other can sip Champagne and listen to the song from when you first met as you coast down the highway.  Plan ahead to have the extras waiting for you on your wedding day.

You will always remember your romantic limo ride after your wedding.  Whether it is simply a trip to the reception or a ride off into the sunset on the way to your honeymoon.  Your limo can also drop off or pick up at the airport.  There are many options to customise your day with a limo service.  You will have fun getting your wedding party the special treat of a limo ride and the pictures of your special day will be magnificent.  Your limo ride will be one of the highlights of your day. Start early to pick out the best limo ride for your occasion and group size.  There is the perfect limo that is just waiting to be hired!

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