Do I Need an Accident Lawyer Even If The Accident Was Not My Fault?

Do I Need an Accident Lawyer Even If the Accident Was Not My Fault?

After a car accident, emotions are running high. Regardless of the severity of the accident, it is difficult to keep details in line, even when you know you are not at fault. Also, you can never be sure of the other party’s inclination to desire to tell the truth. You don’t want to leave the risk of potentially being blamed for an accident in which you were the victim, so your best defense is to hire a lawyer.

Even those who drive safely and defensively are likely to be involved in an accident, solely based on how frequently they occur. Auto insurance professionals have reported that drivers will file a claim for a collision at least every 18 years (including the safest of drivers!).

After an accident, many people tend to wonder if it is even necessary to contact an accident lawyer event if the accident was definitely not their fault. Yes, it may seem like a waste of money to hire an accident lawyer if it was clear to you and others that you were not at fault for your car accident. But it can be much more expensive to end up paying for damages or heightened insurance rates if, for some reason, you are determined to be the guilty party. Things can get even more complicated if anyone was injured in the event, something that not only poses a financial risk but can introduce the possibility of you losing your license. Take a preventative approach instead and protect yourself with a lawyer.

Why Should I Hire an Accident Lawyer?

A lawyer’s job is to advocate for their clients to the best of their ability. If you have been involved in a car accident – especially one in which one or more people were injured – it is in your best interest to have a professional on your side.

There are so many things that can happen at the scene of an accident. You never know if the other party will stay, flee, or even twist their story as the process moves along. If you were injured, it is highly likely that the insurance providers of the other party involved will cover your medical expenses. Still, there is the possibility that they flee the scene, the insurance company refuses to provide compensation, or the driver may not have insurance at all.

A crash attorney can thoroughly investigate the details of an accident, in addition to yours and police authorities’ documentation. Damages inflicted on your vehicle and any personal belongings will be evaluated as well in order to negotiate the most appropriate settlement. Attempting to go about this process without a lawyer is extremely risky and may lead you to accept an abysmally low settlement amount, unable to cover medical expenses and damages.

How a Lawyer Can Work with Your Insurance Company

If you go about addressing an auto accident on your own, your insurance company would be the only entity that communicates directly with the other driver’s insurers. That means that they may not have all the best information for making a strong case in your defense and proving your innocence or fully compensating any injuries that may have occurred.

A lawyer will act on your behalf and communicate with both insurance companies on your behalf, so you don’t have to experience the added stress of recounting the event repeatedly. They will act in your best interest and, unlike the insurers, advocate for your financial and physical wellbeing other than protecting their own bottom line.

Hiring a lawyer after an accident, whether you were at-fault, injured, or neither, is your best opportunity to protecting your rights as a driver and ensuring the best settlement for your accident.

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