Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Most people go for the massage therapy for the relaxation purposes. However, there is plenty of medical research that proves that it has numerous health benefits too. In the modern lifestyle, it has become an essential practice for physical and emotional well-being. Here are seven benefits of getting a regular body massage.

Faster Recovery From Injuries

After the specific medical treatment, the massage therapy can aid in recovering from various types of injuries. It improves the circulation of blood and essential nutrients to the muscles and the tissues and accelerates the healing process. The soothing effect it provides also helps in reducing inflammation and swelling, and facilitates easy and painless recovery.

Improves Circulation

Poor circulation of blood and fluids through the body is the cause of many health problems. However, during the massage, the varying pressure improves the flow in congested areas and releases the lactic acid trapped in the muscle tissues. The overall circulation is enhanced and the body functions improve.

Relieves Muscle Pain And Body Aches

According to a research conducted in 2011, massage therapy is an effective way for reducing the back pain. Not only this, it has a relaxing effect on the sore muscles after an intense workout. It has been proved even better than acupuncture, medications and painkillers in most cases.

Improves Body Flexibility

A lot of injuries are caused due to poor flexibility and reduced range of motion of the body organs. The body massage improves the flexibility by enhancing the functioning of ligaments, joints, tissues and tendons. Apart from this, it also stimulates the production of natural lubricants of the body and, therefore, prevents flexibility issues caused by aging. It is a great way for boosting athletic performance as well.

Improves Body Posture

The modern lifestyle demands a lot of sitting jobs and causes posture problems. A bad posture is the root cause of many other problems like back pain, joint pain etc. Not only this, it also disturbs the strength proportion of various muscles and affects the internal organs too. Back massage and other massage types reduce the effect caused by the bad posture throughout the day. It helps the muscles to realign themselves into their natural position and relieves the tension in them.

Boosts Immunity

A strong immune system is a must for a healthy body. Massage therapy improves the body’s immunity by increasing the flow of nutrients, and gives nourishment to the cells that fight harmful bacteria and infections. It also helps in increasing the cytotoxic ability of the immune system.

Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Stress is the cause of a variety of health problems like hypertension, heart diseases and mental illnesses. In a stressful situation, the body releases the stress hormone, called cortisol. It is not harmful under normal conditions but when in excess it can cause anxiety and other health and mental disorders. Different massage techniques reduce the concentration of the cortisol in the body and gives a relaxing effect. As a result, it improves overall physical and mental health along with the emotional well-being.

The benefits of massage are many, but it is important to consult the doctor before starting any program. And always go to the certified massage practitioner.

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