5 Benefits Of Call Management

Understanding the whole customer experience from the number of times the phone rings before answered, the number of unresolved missed calls through to how the call was handled and what was said at company, branch or an individual customer level, makes excellence in customer service achievable.

Call management enables the following business-critical call analysis:

  • Unreturned missed calls is an area that delivers fast returns on investment and is at the heart of any customer service strategy. Management of missed calls results in improved customer satisfaction and retention, delivering significant financial returns.

  • Calls can be tracked in real-time to understand how long it takes to resolve a call, how long the caller had to wait to be answered and how the call was resolved (by the customer calling in again or the customer being called). KPIs are set to ensure calls are resolved within a certain time each day.

  • First Contact Resolution (FCR) where a customer’s need is properly addressed the first time they call, is an increasingly hot topic, which applies not just to contact centres but to any business with customer facing sales, service or technical teams. A customer’s inquiry or problem going unresolved can result in customer dissatisfaction and significant revenue loss yet many businesses are unaware of the importance of FCR. According to Service Quality Measurement Group, out of all business metrics used to monitor customer facing teams, first call resolution has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. The market focus on FCR helps the channel to justify the value of fully integrated call management Software on any phone system sale.

  • Analysis of callsanswered by an Auto Attendant. A call which is terminated after being answered by an Auto Attendant should be considered as an unresolved missed call. It is important to check that the call management solution you are considering is able to distinguish between a call that is answered by a person and one that is answered by an IVR or Auto Attendant system.

  • Integrated call analytics with call recordingenables businesses to track how long a caller waits to be answered or called back, then assess how the call progresses by listening to the recording.From this it can be determined if the call outcome was negatively affected by the wait time. Live statistics on contact centres such as call queues, coupled with historical trends enables staff modelling, helping businesses to gain efficiencies.

Although customer requirements vary from simple but accurate business communications data to extensive analytics of customer facing teams, improving customer interactions is essential to every business.

Gone are the days when such systems were deployed solely in large enterprises. This means that these solutions are now accessible to all sized businesses. Cost effective call recording together with innovation in call management solutions with Unified Communications and CRM integration, has meant that this market is now taking advantage of powerful solutions that deliver real business intelligence.

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