A Spectacular Experience Through ANA Airways

Japan is a country full of wonders and All Nippon Airways falls true for it. Commonly known as ANA or Zennikku, it is the second largest airline of the country serving passengers worldwide. From a good national network to an excellent network of International destinations, customers stay loyal to the airline for a long time.

The airline surely offers its customers a dream like flying experience that is matchless to any other airline. It is no wonder that the airline has managed to secure a place in the top 10 airlines of 2015 as conducted by SkyTrax.

Thinking which destination to fly with for your next journey? Let’s learn about the ANA airways amazing experience of this award winning airline.

  1. A range of destinations

The domestic route network of ANA Airways covers a wide range of destinations in Japan, beginning from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa southwards. But it’s not only Japan’s favorite airline carrier as the international route network is also well connected to the globe. The airline extends its amazing services to Western Europe, America, multiple destinations in South Asia, China and Korea.

The airline is a delight for businessmen because the destinations of the airline are well thought out and favors the business destinations around the globe.

  1. A hassle-free boarding experience

The first impression of an airline can be easily judged from the boarding experience, long before you fly in the air. All Nipon Airways wins the show in this regard for offering customers with a helpful and hassle-free boarding experience. The airline focuses the needs of both the avid travelers and the infrequent ones. A number of Gate Agents are walking around, assisting you when required. From directing the passengers and resolving their concerns to guiding them to the appropriate lanes is a valuable service offered by All Nipon Airways.

  1. In-Flight Experience

The ANA airways amazing experience extends across all the classes of the airline. From check-in to boarding, they’ll satisfy you in the best possible manner.

The Economy Class of the airline has a welcoming cabin and an extremely friendly cabin crew. The seats suit the comforts of passengers and there is sufficient leg space provided in comparison to many other airlines. The divine cuisine offered adds to the delightful experience of the passengers. ANA Airways know how to satisfy their customers through their team of amazing master chefs. The meals offered vary in different destinations but it serves the needs of the passengers.

The airline has also devised a Premium Economy for their customers which would add to your comforts in an affordable manner. The availability of the 38-inch seat and a reasonably sized monitor makes your journey an extremely comfortable one. From offering unique Japanese dishes to the famous International cuisines, the airline offers satisfaction to the maximum. The Premium class also has a special film program which would keep you well entertained throughout your journey.

With such excellent services offered in these classes, it is no wonder that the First and Business Class of ANA Airways is truly amazing. From the benefit of having enough personal space, ‘the staggered seat’ which can become a flat bad brings comfort and luxury together to its finest. The airline creates the perfect room for traveling where privacy, comfort and extravagance are all combined in a wonderful fusion.

ANA Airways is most certainly the choice of customers for 2015!

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