Drink Specials

Drink Specials

Bars are a source of social fun and interaction for college students around the country. For college students however, keeping your expenses intact can sometimes be a tricky situation, which is why most college students will frenzy over coupons, deals, and free food. And what college students enjoy even more is an expensive drink during a night out at the bars. Over the years, bars have mastered the art of drink specials, prompting a steady increase of college students entering the budgeted bar scene.

Drink specials have saved college students loads of money over the years while also helping bars excel in profitability. Bars are great for weekend drinking and social experiences, after an extensive week of school and work. Bars around the country have made it more manageable for people to go out during the workweek due to their promotional drink specials. The attraction is great because beer is cheaper and the specials are generally priced better. Depending on the night, drink specials generate more revenue than regularly priced drinks. Bars differ in price points and mid-week specials, but it’s very common to find that a downtown bar scene or district that will offer drink specials on different nights. Bar owners communicate through publicly driven promotional tools to emphasize the weekly specials being offered at their bar. For example, one bar might offer penny pitchers on a Wednesday while another bar from the same district will offer dollar bottles on a Thursday. This approach essentially generates more revenue for each bar because they are known for their specials on various nights and that leads to a sort of friendly collusion as opposed to intense rivalry, ultimately benefitting all parties involved.

Some of the most popular drinks on demand are drafts and bottled beer, which make for exceptional beer specials. Bud Light products typically generate the most revenue, but there has also been a resurgence in microbrews and certain seasonal beers of late. Bars usually see the greatest turnouts during certain sporting events and holidays, provided there are drink specials on these occasions. A college town atmosphere offers some of the greatest sales promotions through social media and word-of-mouth. You can find virtually any local bar or pub on Twitter and Facebook today. Bar owners heavily promote their drink specials through social media outlets with confidence that it will create buzz throughout campus.

Although drinks and shot specials come into play at a bar scene, you will generally find more specials for beer. Depending on the bar, some specials won’t run less than $2 and mixed drinks usually don’t run less $4. On a bar’s busiest day, beer specials won’t run less than $1. On average, the busiest days for most bars include fan favorites such as “penny pitchers” and “dollar bottles.” Students love “penny pitchers” because they pay a cover charge at the door and get an endless amount of pitchers of beer for just one price. A common price point for “penny pitchers” in a college town ranges anywhere from 4 to 5 dollars. Drink specials are easily one of the smartest strategies that bar owners can implement in order to generate more revenue and gain happy customers.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars Columbia MO has to offer.

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