Our division Cigisped – oversize heavy transportation, provides such services, as the transportation of oversize and heavy cargo in international directions. The transportation of heavy loads is always combined with difficulties and certain aspects. So, for the transportation of heavy cargo specially equipped lorry convoys are required. For the transportation of heavy and oversize cargo, it is also necessary to get a special permit. Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in international directions is carried out when the heavy load does not fit into a standard carcass, exceeds the established norms of weight or size. This way a cargo can be considered heavy with over 25 tons of weight, and if a cargo weighs over 50 tons it is regarded to be an excessively heavy load.

Cigisped Middle East has the necessary transport facilities and skills for freight transportation of heavy cargo, oversize cargoes weighing 100 tons or more. This can be substation transformers weighing over 30 tons, oversize equipment, pressing equipment, etc.

How can a heavy load weighing over 30 tons be transported? For such transportation, special tractors that have more powerful engines and low semi-trailers with three and more axles are used. And still, for the transportation of heavy oversize cargo weighing over 40 tons in international directions a special permit must be obtained from the state bodies.


Long and oversize, as well as otherwise called bulky goods can exceed the admissible weight rate (38 tons at the moment), too. Immediately a question arises: how to transport the heavy cargo? The transportation of heavy cargo is possible on the semitrailers of a specially reinforced structure. Such trailers can be loaded and transport the cargo weighing up to 100 tons. In addition, it is essential to comply with all the precautions and get all the permits for the heavy cargo.

In each case, an oversize transportation is divided into several components depending on the cargo type in hand. It is very important to get the precise size and weight of the heavy or oversize cargo. It determines both the price and the quality of the transportation.

Cigisped provides quality services for heavy and oversize cargo transportation, as well as services for safe transportation – in particular, the transported cargoes are insured. The insurance amount is stipulated when making the contract for the transportation of heavy oversize cargo.

Besides the cargo transportation, we shall help you to implement other issues:

  • We’ll design a special route through which it will be possible to fulfill the transportation.
  • We shall choose a transport necessary for the cargo transportation.
  • We’ll choose or build special cargo attachment for the platform of the vehicle.
  • We’ll form all the necessary permits for the cargo transportation in international directions.
  • We’ll organize a supportive accompaniment throughout the entire transportation route.

Our company cares about the quality of the services it provides and the safety of the transported cargo, hence the transported goods are insured. The insurance amount is stipulated when making the contract for the transportation of long, lengthy and oversize cargo.

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