Competitive Swimwear: Guide To Choose The Right Type Of Swimsuit

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Competitive swimwear refers to the type of swimsuit, equipment, clothing and other accessories which are used in water sports like swimming, triathlon, diving and water polo. There are many types of competitive swimsuit type used for playing such water sports like following.

  • Body Skin Swimsuit- This is one common type of swimwear used for both men and women athletes. These are made of lycra fabric which is designed to fit the body tightly and it also increases the speed and resistance while moving in the water.
  • Swim Briefs-A swim brief is a type of swimsuit worn during diving sports. It derived its name from popular Australian speedo brand racing brief. It is also known as racing brief but usually it refers to as swim brief.  These are worn typically below the waist and generally having thin, band at the upper is thigh.  They are made of nylon, lycra, polyester fabric.
  • Drag Suit type -This suit is consisting of square cut, styled trunks which may be worn over the usual suit to provide added resistance while playing water sport but are not preferred wearing during competitions.
  • Knee skin type of Swimsuit- This type of swimwear is used by both men and women athletes. It is also body hugging and provides better speed and resistance while playing competitive sports.
  • Jammer Swimsuit- Swim jammer is type of swimsuit used mainly by men swimmers for increased speed during competitive sports. The benefit of swim jammer is that it is made of light fabrics like lycra and nylon, while some of the other swim jammer is also made of polyester fabric for better water resistance. They could be worn from the waist are in the area above the knee. It is also similar to shorts worn by athletes. It provides better leg covering, but have more resistance while playing any water sport.
  • Leg skin type- it is another type of competitive wear worn, from waist to ankle similar to legging. The advantage of this swimwear is that it provides better flexibility and movement.
  • Race Back swimwear: It is worn mostly by women and top of the swimsuit is not covered for better flexibility and movement.
  • Square cut type: It is more worn for mainly water polo and diving and made of nylon. It is typically worn low on the waist and high on the thigh and popularly used for recreational swimwear.

There are other types of swimwear available depending on the body types specially for men. There are mainly three types of body, namely thin, average and heavy built. Thin body is also having an athletic build whereas average body type could be muscular and non-athletic. Following types of swimwear used for each of these body types.

  • For thin and athletic body type: Surf shots, competition swimwear and board shorts could be used.
  • Thing and average body type: Board shorts, and surf shorts.
  • Average and muscular body type: Board shorts, men’s speedo, bikini, G string and competition wear.
  • Average and non-athletic: Surf shorts, board shorts, G string and competition swimwear.
  • Heavy Body: Board shorts, men’s speedo, competition swimwear.
  • Robust Body: Board and surf shorts.

 When you are choosing the swimwear, it is important to consider what type of sport you are playing and what is your body personality type. This is frequently overlooked step in choosing the right swimwear. Most people choose swimwear solely on physical appearance and body type, but overlook which sport you are going to play. Not all possess the knowledge about choosing the right swimwear so you can always refer to above types and choose the one which is suitable for you.

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