How Nature Affects Your Home

How Nature Affects Your Home

Do you remember feeling surprised the first time you saw a house being built? Our homes can seem like impenetrable structures, the perfect barrier between us and the elements. In reality, our homes are still wooden buildings, not unlike a pioneer’s cabin. We’ve got insulation, metal braces, and plaster on our walls, but ultimately, our homes remain little more than some wooden beams guarding us against the elements.

Nature is wild, and it’s right outside. There are both positive and negative ways nature affects our home, and we should be aware of both. When it comes to protecting our homes, we should know how to let the good in and keep the bad out. Without further ado, here’s the positive and negative of nature and our homes.

The Negative Side

Nature can do a lot of harm to our home, if we let it. By nature, nature is wet, dirty, and decomposes over time. Those are all things we want to keep away from our home, so knowing how to keep nature out is important. Watch for termite damage in the structure of your home, and keep attic moisture at bay. You can pest-proof your home or have spray insulation installed to protect your attic. If you live near recent wildfires, you’ll want to read up on the impact of wildfire-related particles, to see how they might be affecting your home. Nature can creep into your home in the form of bugs, mold, water, and more. Even cold air can negatively affect your home by seeping through window cracks and increasing your utility bill.

The Positive Side

Despite its many negative impacts on our home, nature provides relief and beauty to our homes as well. We don’t often think of our running water as nature. It’s made its way through treatment facilities and countless pipes to reach us. Nevertheless, our water came from nature, and it’s an indoor miracle we too often take for granted. Imagine a world where your every drop of water came from a dirty well, and your next shower will seem much more enjoyable! Nature also positively affects our home in the form of sunlight. The feel of a home and the comfort of a room can change completely when it’s lit in the light of the sun. Sunlight is good for all of us, and if you live in a home or apartment with good windows, you likely experience this mood boost daily without realizing it.

Nature packs a lot of power. While we tend to think of nature in terms of quiet walks and delicate spring buds, nature also packs the power of a tsunami, and it can build majestic caves with a rhythmic drip. Nature’s subtle, yet pervasive power can damage your home, suddenly or over time. It can also provide comfort and joy in the form of sun and running water. When we’re inside, we might think nature is far away–but it’s right outside. Wonderful and dangerous, nature is closer than we think.

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