Experience The Unimagined Ever At “Adlabs Imagica”

Experience The Unimagined Ever At “Adlabs Imagica”

India’s very own answer to the West is now a reality; experience the wildest adventures and adrenaline rush in the most amazing rides ever at “Adlabs Imagica”. The rides take you on a roller coaster ride, with spine chilling happenings that you have never experienced before. It is the most loved family destination, with rides and restaurants for every member of your family.

If you want to relive your childhood with your kids, this is the place to be in. Spend some fun loving quality moments with your family which you would relish for long. Take a look at the splendid deals on www.coupondekho.in to get the best discounts. You get to experience not just amazing never-seen-before rides but also some delicious food in the various restaurants.

Adlabs Imagica has many fun filled rides and themed attractions suitable for both adults and kids. Here are some that you must experience during your visit there using Adlabs Imagica coupons:

Rajasaurus River Adventure

Go back to the era of the dinosaurs, but stay safe from the enormous Rajasauraus, who is lying waiting for tourists like you to walk into his trap. With a 66 feet drop in the end, this is truly a spine-chilling experience.

Mr. India- The Ride

Go back to the “Mogambo” days on his island and experience the razzle dazzle of Bollywood adventure in India’s first motion simulation technology movies that you watch in flying seats on a 90’ wide screen.


Travel through the dark passages of Salimgarh and uncover the truth behind Aurangzeb’s daughter’s death and whether she is actually dead or still alive.

Deep Space

Explore the amzing space by travelling to the moon and witness the mesmerizing planets, meteors, galaxies in India’s first ever space coaster ride. Working on Linear Synchronous Motor magnetic launch, Get shot to space in seconds and experience a true “out-of-the-earth” moment.

Cinema 360- Prince of the Dark Waters

Go visit the enchanting underwater world and watch the mythical animals and mermaids come alive at Cinema 360. The movie is a true cinematic experience with 6 projectors at a 4k resolution on a massive 3100 sq feet screen.

Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr

Go back to your childhood days, when you first read the story of Alibaba nd the 40 thieves. Take a walk around the kingdom of Gulabad and walk right to the cave with the hidden treasures. Shoot the 40 thieves to uncover the treasure and get to live the story you have grown hearing.

Wrath of the Gods

Experience never seen before multimedia and special effects in a live theatre,that showcases the angst of the 3 elemental Gods, due to the humans disturbing the harmony on the earth.

D2 Dare Drop

Get launched to immense heights of 132’ and drop down to the ground in seconds. Travel at 73 km/hr and show all that you have the guts to dare. This ride is not for the feeble-hearted and would send your blood rushing through the veins.

Scream Machine

Go wild on this colossal rotating pendulum by spinning your way to huge heights and stay suspended mid-air at an angle of 120° at a height of 148’ feet, which is the first of its kind in India.

Gold Rush Express

Go the land of Cowboys and live the time they lived in. This mind-blowing 66’ drop ride sends you speeding across the dark tunnels and deserted gold mines.

Tubby Takes Off

A delight for the younger ones, take a merry-go-round on “Tubby” the baby elephant.

Loch Ness Explorers

The renowned monster has come to engulf you in his fumes on his land and take you through a nail-biting water expedition.

Mambo Chai Chama – Crazy Tea Cups

Spin around in African tea pots and go crazy with the movement when you are pitted one against the other.

Bandits of Robin Hood

Visit the famous Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood and get to be a bandit for a day in this fun ride.

Bump It Boats

Go bumping all the way in this splendid motored raft and experience never experienced before water fights.

The Magic Carousel

Gallop all your way through with this classic Arabic entertainer. Relive your childhood and bring back the reminiscent days with this beautiful carousel.

Splash Ahoy!

A wild water battle awaits! Get on board the pirate boats armed with deadly water guns. Target your opponents, duck from their aim and save yourself from getting drenched by enemy pirates. Watch out! Even bystanders could attack you.

Humpty’s Fall

A mini drop ride for the kids from 10m, while rotating at 360° while doing so. Kids simply love this fall and you can hear the screeching screams all over.


Let kids screech out loud in the 10 m drop in the mini Ferris wheel with 6 carts.

The Detective Bow Wow Show

Kids get to be a detective in real life by first chatting with Detective Bow Wow and then experience amazing motion box theatre experience in 4D.


India’s largest rollercoaster at a astounding 132-feet height, above 2800’ track length, Nitro is a complete adrenaline rush ride lasting 150 seconds. Experience the “floorless” effect in the “flying chair” and go completely ga-ga.


Have a fun-filled musical water splash with wild animals. Kids go crazy with the baboon, alligator, elephant, kangaroo ejecting water streams on them in this truly kiddie world.

You can also enjoy scrumptious meals using Adlabs Imagica discount coupons at the various theme restaurants that offer various cuisines, which suit everyone’s palate.

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