3 Tips To Buy Cool Sunglasses Through Online Shopping

3 Tips To Buy Cool Sunglasses Through Online Shopping

Online shopping has made the daily life tasks more easier than ever before. Earlier, you had to rush for the market to purchase even the small accessory. It is a tiresome process especially when you want the product but are not in the mood to travel for shopping. Online shopping  makes it really convenient and hassle free. Nowadays, you can even set the priority for product delivery for various products. The purchase is now just a click away.

Sunglasses have their specific role in our daily life. While it protects our eyes from harsh sun rays, it additionally makes the vision more clearer and protects the eyes from dust particles that float in the air. Purchasing sunglasses online can be little tricky if you have never purchased them before. You may add up a risk or hassle of returning it later if you are not aware of its size and design parameters. While prescription sunglasses are even more complicated to order online, the normal sunglasses can be easily purchase by understanding the basic necessities.

This post would discuss about the features and basics of sunglasses so as to help you make a right choice next time while purchasing them online.

Size of the Frame

Frame is the outermost section of any sunglasses that has the function of covering the area around your eyes. Frames vary in sizes and shape and are particularly constructed to suit different face shapes and styles. Since sunglasses are considered among the clothing accessories, make sure that it does not go off with your clothing style and design.

Fit of a sunglasses is an essential parameter that completely takes away the purpose when chosen wrong. Make sure that the frame size is snug enough to fit on your face and does not get affected by motion jerks. Larger frames are better for the people with large face while small frames are suggested for small faces.

Usually a medium large size is around 138mm wide and 36 mm high approximately. The medium size goes around 133 mm wide and 39 mm high whereas medium small goes around 125 mm wide and 35 mm high. Please note the even with the little difference in their dimension, the overall appearance tends to change drastically.

You may also refer the size chart mentioned in the product details. It is very important aspect of choosing the right size and online retailers purposely put the size charts for the customers. In case the size chart is not available, you can become skeptic about the purchase and even try to contact the retailer to collect required size information.

Face Shape

Shape of the face decides whether you need a round sunglasses or square one. Although these are not the only categories but every other design segment particularly roams around them. Round face, Oval Face, Square face, diamond face are the four common face shapes. There are other face shapes too and the choice of sunglasses should not only depend on the material and color but also on the visual compatibility.

Some of the online retailers provide a camera capturing feature on the product page wherein you can click a picture of yours and temporarily put the sunglasses over it in the virtual mode to test the visual appearance. In case you do not find it, you can do so in any photo editing app and decide before making the final choice.

Lens and Frame Material

Frame material is usually constructed with a tough metal or nylon or polycarbonate and many times even the plastic. The other materials may include titanium and acetate. Whatsoever, you can choose the one that is suitable for your purpose and accordingly opt for the distortion free lenses. Nowadays, scratch free lenses are getting widely popular. These are expensive but do the work perfectly.

So, now  with these 3 tips you can select a comfortable and functional sunglass online. It is advisable to consult the optical expert in the event of doubt. Also make sure that the shopping website has a hassle free return and refund policies.

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