Snack time food ideas

Snack time food ideas

A burger is a kind of sandwich. It is usually round in shape as buns are used to sandwich a cooked patties made of vegetables or meat. Patties are baked, roasted, deep fried or flame broiled. Each of the methods lends a unique taste to it. Cheeses, few sauces, mayonnaise, few slices of tomato, onion, leave of lettuce are generally packed into the sandwich. A most commonly served side dish for burgers is a portion of French fries along with a dip. It is a full meal in itself to eat a burger.

Typically considered an American dish, the burger has its origins connected to the early migrants from Europe to Americas. In their most early form, the burger was just a slice of meat grilled on a flame, garnished with salt and pepper and served between bread slices. Since then, it has evolved a lot. Even the mode of buying a burger has evolved tremendously. You can order burgers online now.

Order burgers online is a facility that has saved many a work day for busy professionals. A burger in itself is a full meal. It has all the elements needed for a meal. There is carb and protein along with taste. What is missing is probably a bit of fiber. This can easily be fixed by including an order for salads online. It may sound a little bit contradictory to have burger and salad together, but hey, who makes the rules!

Burgers also make great food for a lazy weekend get together. It is great to order burgers online when there is a most awaited match or a movie on the television. They go well with most occasions. When placing orders online for burgers, it is easy to choose and customize. Customization options can start right from the choice of bread, cheese, patties and dips. If you are clubbing your burger order with an order for salads online, then customize both the items to exclude what the other has on offer. For instance if your burger is meat based, then you can stick to strictly vegetable salad, when finalizing the order. Either ways, it is a win-win combination and you have nothing to lose.

Burgers make good snack items for after school. They are full and can sustain you through dinner time. If you are heading for a match practice or a hobby club, a burger is handy to eat. You can even carry it along and eat on the move. Better still, order burgers online to where you are heading, munch on it just before your activity kicks in. It saves time and gets you ready for all the action.

The best part about burgers or salads is they can be stand alone dishes or can be complemented. It basically boils down to your mood. What is it that you want to eat? Once you are clear about this, it is a simple step forward to place orders for burgers or salads or both! That is all there is to it.

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