CNC Prototype Machine – Valuable Information and Benefits Of Hiring The Service

Numerical control or NC is a common machine tool. It is a programmable automation process controlled by letters, numbers, and symbols. Then numbers are the basic mode of instructions punched on tapes for the tasks to be performed, so the program is called numerical control.

Very soon, punched tapes were replaced with APT language, which marked the advent of computer numerical control machine or CNC machine.

What is CNC?

CNC machine includes a microcomputer, which acts as controller unit. The instructions are directly fed in microcomputer through small board just like traditional keyboard. The programmer writes the codes as well as edits the program as needed. These programs are stored in the computer’s memory card. CNC is an amalgamation of CAM and CAD, also called CAD/CAM.

In comparison to NC machine, CNC unit provides better flexibility and computational capabilities. You can incorporate the new system in CNC controller by just reprogramming the unit. Due to this kind of flexibility and capacity, CNC machines are known as ‘soft-wired’ NC.

Working of CNC Units

All cutting processes and final dimensions needed are fed in the microcomputer via programs. Thus, the computer gets to know everything about the particular cutting job and implements it like a robot.

The common machine tools that operate on CNC include milling machine, lathe, drill machine and more. The main aim of these machine tools is to eliminate some metals and give proper shape like square, rectangle, or round.

The CNC machine operators have to just feed the instruction program, load necessary tools and the work is done automatically. Computer directs the different machine tools to perform various machining actions instructed in the program.

CNC machines are applied in almost all the manufacturing industries. Undoubtedly, its use is of great significance, but the cost of investing in CNC unit is not feasible. This is the reason that manufacturers hire CNC machining prototype service.

Benefits of Hiring CNC Prototype Machine Services

  • Big projects can be handled easily at minimal cost without having to invest in CNC machines.
  • You get an advantage of producing consistent and high-quality parts from using CNC services
  • Manually loaded machines have 1/3rd of machine tools working but in CNC machine, 85% of machinery works simultaneously. Thus, bulk of high quality products can be produced swiftly.
  • CNC machine can be programmed to work 24/7, during workload this speedily.

Application of CNC Machines

  • In automotive sector, for making gears, shafts and different shaped parts
  • Turning operations like boring facing, grooving, threading or knurling is applied perfectly
  • CNC grinder technology enables to grind flat surfaces as well as internal & external diameter
  • To perform machining operations like punching, searing, plasma or flame cutting, forming, welding and laser cutting.
  • Wood working industries use it widely for drilling and routing.
  • For engraving and lettering, CNC technology is applied.
  • Electrical sector also apply CNC coil winders, soldering machines and CNC terminal location.

Today, you do not have to worry about job accuracy because CNC machines are designed to perform the task with precision.

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