Combine The Best Features Of Shared and Dedicated Hosting With VPS Hosting


Virtual private server (VPS) hosting also known as virtual dedicated hosting (VDS) is the latest technology in web hosting that has been attracting a large number of small and midsized organization to its fold. VPS hosting occupies a place between shared hosting and dedicated hosting and seeks to offer the benefits provided by dedicated hosting in a shared hosting environment.

A quality provider of VPS services in India can give you the best features, functions and forms of both shared and dedicated hosting at an affordable rate to efficiently take care of all your web hosting needs.

A VPS environment is rapidly becoming a hosting option for organizations that lack the resources and technical expertise to buy and manage their own dedicated servers but are also wary of opting for shared hosting owing to lack of control offered and other security issues associated with shared hosting environment.

Organizations wishing to make their web sites accessible via Internet have to put it on web servers. Having and managing their own server can be an unnecessary and unwarranted wastage of resources for organizations that do not deal with heavy online traffic.  There are firms that offer web hosting services and organizations can rent space on a web server and take their website online without investing in expensive web servers.

VPS Hosting Defined

A virtual private server is one which resides on a physical server but is virtually partitioned to have its own dedicated set of resources like bandwidth, operating system, memory, storage space, etc. An account holder who is put on the virtual server is not affected by what other account holders are doing on the same physical server and what amount of resources they are consuming. They remain confined to their own virtual environment and are guaranteed to get the resources that they have been promised.

Why VPS is a Good Hosting Option?

Modern organizations operating in a highly complex and dynamic business environment simply cannot do without a strong online presence if they wish to remain competitive. Also, brick and mortar firms wishing to have an online presence must invest some time and money looking for the right tools and resources that will help them register their presence on the World Wide Web in a strong ad forceful manner.

It is also a fact that a website needs a right hosting platform to remain visible to the internet audience. Fortunately there are some good web hosting providers that can help you take your website online at affordable rates.

It is usually seen that smaller businesses start their online journey on a shared hosting platform and move on to other hosting options with an expansion in their business activities.

VPS hosting as mentioned above occupies a space between shared and dedicated hosting. It is as such a great option for firms who want a bigger and better hosting environment than that offered by shared hosting but are not yet ready for dedicated hosting.  VPS offers more control and security than shared hosting but at much reduced cost than dedicated hosting.

A business opting for a virtual private hosting can derive several benefits from it. Some of the more important ones are as following:

  • More efficient control over the resources
  • Websites can handle a sudden spike in traffic as additional resources can be supplied at the time of need to prevent any type of downtime.
  • Higher level of security is offered as the physical server on which the virtual server is installed is placed in data centres that have strong security mechanisms in place to prevent any data loss or unauthorised access.
  • A VPS mimics a dedicated hosting environment without the heavy expenditure associated with it. Organizations get additional level of security and control without committing too much money and other valuable resources upfront.
  • Organizations can easily upgrade to higher version without incurring any additional burden on their pockets.

Choose Your Options Carefully

Shared hosting is significantly cheaper than VPS hosting and this lures many organizations to prefer it over VPS.  This may not turn out to be the best choice and as such organizations are advised to weigh their options carefully before making a final decision. Shared hosting can often result in larger amounts of downtime sparked by rise in online traffic volume. Slower load limes and reduced security features due to presence of multiple users are also problematic features of shared hosting.

This, however, does not imply that VPS does not have its own set of disadvantages associated with it. It is true that it gives added benefits that come with dedicated hosting but without the extra costs associated with it. The problem though may arise if the account holders are not allocated the resources they are promised. Under such circumstances the website may suffer from downtime in case of a sudden rise in online traffic.

The real trick then is to hire the services of a quality web hosting provider in India that has an impeccable track record of providing highly reliable and transparent service. Good vendors guarantee uptime in excess of 99 per cent with round the clock customer support.

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