The Advantages Of Rental Video Conferencing

There are 3 main ways for enterprise to establish a remote video conferencing system: self-built hardware video conferencing, self-built software video conferencing, rental video conferencing.

Due to the high construction cost, the traditional self-built video conference is mainly used in government and central enterprises and other institutions, but the penetration rate in the enterprises is only 3 ‰. For the establishment of a traditional high-quality video conferencing systems, enterprises generally need to spend 500,000 US dollars, coupled with the transformation of green network structures, the server bandwidth, system maintenance, staff wages to pay tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of costs. Enterprises need to invest huge amount of funds. At the same time, because the terminal equipment is fixed in a specific conference room, the meeting requirements of the temporary meeting and the traveler are not met, resulting in a lack of rapid response to the conference system in an emergency situation.

On this occasion, rental video conferencing only pay a small amount of service fees each year, without professional IT staff to provide real-time conference system security, the cost of even less than the cost of self-built system. According to the actual situation, users can choose the annual fee, monthly charges, according to the minute charges, pay fees and others to minimize the use of cost. At the same time, the leased conference has strong responsiveness and adaptability, and can realize the local professional technical support and cooperation service anytime and anywhere, so that the enterprise can use the video conference system more effortlessly, professionally and flexibly.

  1. Easy to use: To use the rental video conferencing, enterprises only need to log on through the account and password without the need to install specialized hardware equipment, saving time and effort to achieve convenient and quick video communication anywhere.
  1. Affordable: Rental video conference doesn’t need enterprises to purchase expensive hardware and software equipment, does not need enterprises to carry out the transformation of the enterprise network, and do not need enterprises to configure professional IT staff to maintain. As long as they can connect to the Internet, users will be able to host online meetings, greatly reducing the operating costs of enterprises.
  1. Simple: Rental video conference doesn’t need enterprises to buy MCU (video conferencing system center control equipment). Through the use of video conferencing provider’s professional hardware terminal, users can function through a feature-rich software – ezTalks Cloud Meeting to host high-definition and stable video conferences, and solve the compatibility issues brought by the traditional self-built video conferencing system, making the user experience more harmonious.
  1. Secure: According to the user’s equipment conditions, video conferencing providers can not only provide customized video conferencing system, but also offer professional, strict and safe operation of security management, and fully protect the user’s data security, to protect the stability and security of the users’ video conferences.
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