Top Tips For Cracking GRE

The GRE refers to Graduate Record Examination. It is a kind of standardized test for students who aspire to join postgraduate programs in the US and other countries.

The GRE is divided into 2 kinds of tests: General tests and Subject tests. The General test is more important since it must be taken by all applicants.

The general test consists of various sections including quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. The verbal reasoning attempts to measure capability of a candidate to analyze and evaluate content and process the information found in the written content. Quantitative reasoning measures the ability to solve problems using quantitative methods like geometry, data analysis, algebra, and arithmetic. The Analytical writing section tests abilities related to critical thinking and writing. It tests capacity of the student to explain and support ideas or concepts in a fluent manner.

No matter what is the method you use for GRE test prep, there are some foundational principles vital to designing and implementing any GRE preparation plan. The following are top ways to guide you in planning the best way to prepare for GRE success:


What is the biggest factor to help get a good score on the GRE? The answer is time- if you don’t put in the hours, you need not to expect a jump in scores. Thus, no matter which mode you adapt for preparing for the GRE, you must devote adequate time for preparation.

Experts estimate the following time period for increases in total points:

  • 40 hours: 5 points
  • 80 hours: 10 points
  • 160 hours: 20 points
  • 240 hours: 30 points

These are however rough estimates and actual time to hours ratio varies from person to person, how fast you learn, how quickly you pick up concepts and nature of your study plan.

STUDY THE TEST CONCEPTS: The ideal way to study for GRE is to study what is actually there on the test. This may sound obvious but there is more to it than just literal value.

Prior to reviewing any content, you must get familiar with what is exactly on the test. Identify what is on the verbal and what is on the quantitative section. By this, you can figure out what content you need to study and focus on that. Good preparation is possible only if you are studying the right concepts.

 Also, you must never expect GRE to be like other tests. Though some standardized test taking skills may help you, for GRE, you must focus on a special strategy. This implies that you must learn to tackle the specific GRE type questions and hone such skills.

WHAT TO FOCUS ON: Chances are that some section of the GRE is going to be more important than the other for your specific grad school application. You must focus on a quant score in case you are targeting math or science focused field. Verbal score is important if you are aiming for the humanities.

This does not mean that you should neglect any section; only it is good to identify which section is more important for you, early on and devote more energy into it.

TARGET YOUR WEAKNESSES: A good preparation targets your weak spots. You will find highest point increments by focusing on question types and topic areas that you struggle with currently. Focus on the tough parts using the best GRE courses.

These are all some tips to help crack the GRE.


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