10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating on you? Ask yourself if the following signs of infidelity exist in your marriage.

According to statistics, over 50% of marriage will result in divorce, and a higher percentage of married couples will be dealing with the damage and consequences of spousal cheating.

Below are 10 signs from the marriage counselling Victoria BC team at Heart and Oak Therapy that you should pay attention to.

  1. Frequent change of passwords

If you start noticing that your spouse has been the passwords of their cellphone, email and social media accounts, it’s likely that they are hiding something.

  1. Dressing better

According to a divorce lawyer, if your spouse starts to dress better, then it is a sign you must watch out for. Changing the type of shoes or even sudden changes in the cologne he or she is wearing can tell you something is amiss.

  1. Guarding the cellphone always

Another clear sign that’s easy to distinguish if your spouse is cheating is if he or she is suddenly protective with his/her cellphone. Turning it off if you are together and saying that he/she doesn’t want it as a distraction. If your spouse doesn’t want you touch his/her cellphone then you must think hard.

  1. Decreased or increased desire for intimacy

If you notice that intimacy between you and your spouse has declined, then it might be that he or she is getting it from another person. But, there might be cases that your spouse’s intimacy may increase due to feelings of guilt.

  1. Frequent use of social media

Social media is a thing nowadays, and one sign to look out for if your spouse is cheating on you is by checking his or her social media account. If he or she has an increase of usage, then it might be that your spouse is checking or communicating with someone through social media.

  1. Blame you for everything

If something is troubling your spouse, may it be at work or at home, they will find a way to blame everything on you.

  1. Increase in gifts

Spouses that are cheating will tend to cover their guilt by giving you gifts. If your spouse is suddenly splurging you with so much attention and gifts, you might want to think about the reason behind it.

  1. Hurtful remarks

Another good sign to watch out for is when your spouse starts to pick fights all of a sudden without any reason. This is way if he or she gets caught, they can then easily blame you for always fighting.

  1. Increase in social activities

If your spouse starts to attend social gatherings more often, then you must investigate.

  1. Takes out new credit cards in their name

If you notice that bills to his or her new credit card goes to another address or is delivered online only, then he or she might be spending it on somebody.

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