Joe Cianciotto – Boost Sales with An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy


Small entrepreneurs already know the importance of implementing a suitable social media marketing strategy. Taking this step allows these businessmen to promote their brand products to a large targeted audience. If their campaigns are successful, the owners can attract a lot of new customers. In doing so, they do not end up spending a huge sum of money. They incur only a fraction of the costs of launching the same campaigns on traditional marketing platforms. Nevertheless, it takes them one step closer to outperforming their competitors in the marketplace.

Joe Cianciotto – What do entrepreneurs need to consider when creating a social media marketing strategy?

Joseph Cianciotto is one of the most popular advertisement executives in New York City. He works as an Executive Creative Director for Translation, where he supervises the content matters. Before this position, he has held important posts in organizations like DDB NY and D’Arcy Worldwide. These include Vice-President, Chief Digital Officer, And Creative Director. The clientele of this inspiring Visual Communication graduate from the University of Carnegie Mellon includes many Fortune 500 companies. These include State Farm, Electrolux, Diet Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Unilever, UTC, Reebok, and ExxonMobil. Both industry experts and critics recognize his contribution to the world of advertising. This is why he has won numerous awards in events at Cannes, NY Festivals, the One Show and AICP.

Joe Cianciotto states that social media marketing campaigns can only be successful if entrepreneurs implement the right strategies. In doing so, they should not hesitate to hire the services of experts in this field. While formulating such plans, these businessmen should keep in mind the following three important factors:

  1. Identifying objectives of implementing such strategies

Entrepreneurs need to understand their objectives for executing suitable social media marketing strategies. Some of these businessmen want to launch new products in the market for their customers. Other proprietors may seek to boost the brand image of existing products. In doing so, the owners aim at strengthening the relationship they maintain with these clients. Only then can they expect a significant increase in sales.

  1. Choosing the right platform

The platform these entrepreneurs choose to launch their marketing campaigns should match their objectives. They can select social media networking channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or even Instagram. Nevertheless, the proprietors need to opt for sites where their customers have an active presence. Only these businessmen expect the kind of result they are looking for.

  1. Being aware of what their competitors are put to

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of what their competitors are doing to attract customers to their products. These businessmen should analyze the actions of their rivals to see where they are succeeding. Accordingly, the proprietors should modify their social media marketing strategy to attract the targeted audience over others in the market.

Joe Cianciotto explains implementing a social media marketing strategy is a necessity for entrepreneurs that want to increase sales. Taking this step can enable them to take their businesses to the next level. When executing such a plan, they need to keep in mind their own objectives and the interests of the customers. These businessmen should also watch what their competitors are doing to boost their brand products. The proprietors should also launch their campaigns on a platform where their target audience has a strong presence so that they can reach out to them effectively.

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