PayPal India – Create & Verify PayPal Account In India?

PayPal India – Create & Verify PayPal Account In India?

Are you thinking of making extra money online and you are in India? The PayPal India account has come to help you make money as a freelancer, business owner and website owner.

PayPal is in the form of an online bank that allows you receive or send money to anywhere in the world. It is the most preferred and convenient method of payment gateways. You will need a verification of your bank account in PayPal if you are to use it and it is done within1-2 days.

Without a bank account, you can still operate a PayPal account but it will be unverified until a bank detail is added to it. Unverified bank accounts are limited in receiving and sending money.

Opening a PayPal Account

You need a working email Id and PAN Card. If you do not have a bank account, you may use your mother, father, husband or wife PAN card.

PAN card; you will have to request for it and it may take a month to get it.

It is free to open a PayPal account and it is your email ID that is going to be your PayPal account. It is a secure payment option that provides Secure socket layer. It cannot be hacked. All you need is to remember your password and email ID.

Creating PayPal Account In India

  1. Visit the PayPal India link and sign up.
  2. Select the Individual account and continue.
  3. Add your email address and name and continue.
  4. Fill the form and click “Agree & Create Account”-
  5. You can link your debit or credit card.
  6. You have a Paypal account
  7. Confirm your email account.
  8. Provide security question to help you recover your password.
  9. Add your bank details. PayPal will send you some money that you need to check and confirm the account.
  10. Add your Pan Card to help you get verified.

PayPal India – Create & Verify PayPal Account In India?

Verifying PayPal Account

Your account is verified after adding your bank details in PayPal. When your bank account has been added, the PayPal account will become an auto withdrawal account, which will allow you get money. Unverified PayPal account will not allow you get so much because there is a certain limitation to sending and receiving money. You may make some transaction with it on some sites.

To get verified India PayPal account – What you should enter:

  • Name of account – This is your name as mentioned in the PAN Card.
  • Bank name – enter your bank full name
  • Bank IFSC Code – you can refer to your cheque book for this code or ask your bank customer care or you can find online ifsc code by railrani
  • Account number – Add your Bank Account Number & repeat the number again in another ‘re-enter account number’ field.

You can then click on the check box to ensure that your account has become auto withdrawal. You can start receiving money.

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