Know Some Of The Exclusive Types Of Hurricane Shutters and Select The Best One For You

Hurricane shutters has gained quite popularity nowadays due to its effective benefits. They are indeed the most affordable solution to prevent homeowners from any kind of harm due to storm.

It is always beneficial to get yourself prepared for the undesirable events like storms. So, hurricane proof windows or glasses can be the best precaution one can ever take against wind storms. Now, let us know some of the unique types of the hurricane shutters to know which option can be perfect for you.

Accordion Hurricane Blinds

They are generally one or two pieced shutters and can be fixed near the doors or windows when they are not being used.  Plus, they do not need any additional space for storage.

It just needs a single person to get it ready to face the storm! Some of the custom home windows in St Petersburg FL can also be locked and can be used as a way to protect your home from intruders.

However, they tend to break more easily than other shutters. It can look large on some of the houses.

Storm Panel Hurricane Blinds

They are made up of aluminum or steel that is generally attached to the windows alongside the walls on tracks or bolts. For getting the best strength, each piece is overlapped on consecutive one. They come in a wide array of styles.

They come at reasonable prices and they are easily removable. So, it does not change the look of your house when they are not needed. They are comparatively strong enough to provide maximum protection for windows and doors as well.

They do not require large space, as they are usually stacked together. However, they may be a little complex to handle and requires two or more people to hang it. They have sharper edges too.

Colonial Shutters

They are two-pieced shutters that are attached to the walls near each window. They are folded together in order to protect the window.

They are affixed permanently and do not require any additional storage space. They can be hung with the help of a single person. In addition, they come in excellent styles and gorgeous looks, so you can add a new charm to your place along with protecting it. Great idea, isn’t it?

However, some of these types of shutters need a center rod or storm bars to lock them in place. So, it can make the installation time a bit longer.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

They are one-piece shutters that can be affixed directly above the windows. When they are secured and lowered to the wall, they become ready to provide you protection against the storm.

Just like some of the other blinds, this one too does not require any extra storage space. They can be made storm ready by just one person. They can be used to provide you shade and privacy permanently even when they are not closed.

The contemporary models of this type of blinds are well known to protect your home against storm. However, they may block a bit more light. They cannot protect the doors from storms.

To conclude, the above shutters are some of the good options for protection. You can opt for one that best suits your place.

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