Take your Pick: Different types of Wedding Rings to Choose from.

Wedding occasions should always be celebrated with good and quality wedding rings to make the event more colorful. With different options for wedding rings, it is always essential to research and consult widely on the best wedding ring to buy for your wedding. Identifying the best wedding ring is as important as the gemstone or diamond it holds.

When you decide to buy wedding rings, you will be overwhelmed by the various factors to take into consideration before spending your coin. With various wedding rings to choose from, you should be very keen on the type of ring you choose. You should choose keenly with a great consideration on the type of metal used to fabricate the ring. Also, consult with both the fiancé and the fiancée to know their tastes and preferences when it comes to wedding rings.

The different types of wedding rings are grouped into platinum wedding rings and gold wedding rings. They are explained below

1. Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is usually a white metal which occurs naturally. It has a perfect luster which portrays the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond metal. It is commonly used to fabricate wedding rings and bands due to its popularity as a precious metal to make jewelry. Platinum is very rare and pure as compared to gold. It is always durable thus making it unable to wear out.This reduces the costs you would spend in acquiring new wedding rings.

Its hypoallergenic characteristic makes it the perfect choice for couples with sensitive skin to use it as an engagement ring. Also, platinum does not fade away easily due to its elegant sheen. This makes it cheaper to maintain your platinum engagement ring as costs of re-plating your platinum ring are unavailable.

2. Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is always the most used metal for fabricating wedding rings. It is always measured in karats which are made up of 24 units. Pure gold (24 karats) is always extremely soft to be used as a wedding ring thus more alloys and metals are mixed with it to increase its strength. This then yields 22K gold and 18K gold which are the most commonly used in making engagement rings. The different types of gold wedding rings include;

  1. Yellow Gold – This is a fashionable and classic gold which has a warm patina caused by red copper and green silver. This type of gold is not mostly used as most people prefer white gold to yellow gold while acquiring wedding rings.
  2. White Gold – It is contemporary as compared to yellow gold with a silvery white color. It is hard due to its rhodium coating which makes it resistant from tarnishing and scratching. This coating also gives the white gold an outstanding reflective appearance which may be perfect for use as a wedding ring.
  3. Rose Gold – With its romantic and unique character, it is warm with a pink color.
  4. Green Gold – This type of gold looks natural with its soft touch and a pale-green color. It is good for any couple which would like green wedding rings.

With this sundry of information about wedding rings, it becomes easier for you to choose the best wedding ring during your wedding. Choose a unique and outstanding engagement ring which will make your wedding day look more colorful and salient.

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